Q: What are the main facts about abortion?

A:That it's a legal and safe procedure. You can read more in the link below. ANSWER: It is true that it's legal, and, for the majority is a safe procedure, but th...Read More »

Q: What are some facts about abortion?

A:Answer It is a minor, outpatient medical procedure. There are some risks associated with it, as with any procedure, but this is by far one of the safest. It is ...Read More »

Q: What about abortion pills?

A:Hi sweetie, The abortion pill really only works when taken right after unprotected sex. 1-2 days after having sex because the sperm can live inside a woman for ...Read More »

Q: What are the facts about abortion?

A:Abortion ends a pregnancy. this can happen several different ways. The one method I will address is called RU486, which is a medical abortion, performed no late...Read More »

Q: Abortion Pill Facts.

A:RU-486, commonly known as the abortion pill, is a prescription drug used to terminate an early pregnancy. In the United States it is sold as Mifeprex or Early O...Read More »

facts about the abortion pill

Myths and misunderstandings exist about the procedure -- so here are some facts about medical (also called medication or non-surgical) .
Abortion is a safe and legal way to end a pregnancy. Learning.The Abortion Pill.Learning the facts about abortion may help you in making your decision. The Abortion Pill - In-Clinic Abortion Procedure - Parental Consent - Adoption
NAF has worked since 1977 to ensure that women, health care professionals, and policymakers have access to factual information about .
What is the abortion pill? The abortion pill is a medicine that ends a pregnancy. The medical name for the abortion pill is mifepristone. It works by blocking the .
Women have been using mifepristone, aka the abortion pill, for more than a decade. But lately, anti-abortion groups have ratcheted up their .
Mifepristone, popularly known as "The Abortion Pill", offers women who are at in early stages pregnancy a choice of a less invasive method to terminate their .
Medical Abortion with Mifepristone and Misoprostol.Also known as RU486 or medication abortion.Comparison of Medical and Surgical Abortion- 10 Facts You Must Know about Non-Surgical Abortion - published by .
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4 attempts at abortion... What now?
I guess it is just one more hurdle for you to jump over. So just start over and think it though. Keep the appointment, you have until that day to make up your mind again. Morning after pills only work for about 72 hours after unprotected sex so if you are already pregnant they won't change...

Why do Pro-lifers always use fake pictures when protesting abortion?
For the sake of your question, lets say the Pro lifers use fake pictures. ..(yada yada yada ) (proof?) You are aware, that your country has upwards of 50 million children who never saw the light of day? Doesn't that sheer number of lost lives say something about the lack of character, conscience...

In countries where abortion is legal, women have the right to abort based on the gender of their child?
I think abortion is about individual rights. The law has to attempt to determine whether a fetus is an individual person whose rights should be protected or if it is part of a woman's body that she has domain over just like the rest of her body. Sometimes they recognize rights of a fetus...

I'm 18 week pregnant.Can i do abortion now????????
Canada has virtually no laws limiting abortion, so yes you could get an aboriton even at 18 weeks. It's just a matter of finding a doctor willing to do it, if you are serious. Planned Parenthood in Canada Abortion or not, that's up to you because...

Should abortion be totally legalized? at all forms?
So for the anti-abortion people answer me this: What happens after this already admittedly stupid person has a baby? Do they suddenly become super mom or dad? Does money suddenly appear and to help them raise that baby correctly? Cause if it were that easy wouldn't the world be even more...