Q: Excessive bleeding after medical abortion?

A:I took some abortion pills 3days ago, which was sunday. that day i bled lightly. then the following i didnt even bleed at all. then today i woke up with severe ...Read More »

Q: Please advise i am so worried, when its end or i go for check up?...

A:Please go see a doctor as soon as possible. I don't recommend abortion or medical abortion i-pills. This can be dangerous so please find out if you are ok. Let ...Read More »

Q: Why am i bleeding excessively after an abortion?

A:When an abortion is performed there is a lot of tissue that is still inside the uterus and vagina that will be expelled over the weeks to come. Thats where the ...Read More »

Q: I am about to give her mtprost kit from tomorow can you please su...

A:Ricky, I am SO glad you asked before you did anything! These pills are very powerful and dangerous! They can kill your girlfriend. The pharmaceutical company th...Read More »

Q: When should bleeding stop after abortion?

A:It's individual and can go on for 3-4 weeks.Read More »

excessive bleeding after abortion

Uterine cramping is normal after any kind of abortion- the main way that.Very rarely, excessive bleeding can be due to a uterine injury that .
Bleeding usually increases three to four days after the abortion due to normal changes. It is normal to pass clots when rising in the morning, when sitting on the .
Heavy bleeding is the most common problem after an abortion. It is usually caused by pieces of the pregnancy . Heavy bleeding from the vagina - Emergency Help for Too Much. - Shock
If a medical abortion is not successful, a surgical abortion must be done as follow -up. This is necessary to prevent infection and blood loss and to end the .
haemorrhage (excessive bleeding) – occurs in about one in every 1,000 abortions.If you have an infection after an abortion, you may bleed heavily from your .
may be light or none for the first 3 days after an abortion- may become heavier on the 4th or 5th day with clots, dark bleeding, and cramping- can range from .
Learn about possible complications of Bleeding & Hemorrhage.In spite of extensive research, troublesome vaginal bleeding after medical .
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