Q: What are the ethical issues in abortion?

A:Ethical issues in abortion involve a constant battle between freedom and life. Pro-choice people are for freedom. They consider it unethical to take away a woma...Read More »

Q: Ethical issues on abortion?

A:Sanctity of human life. In 1982, the late John Paul II said, in a speech pertaining to embryonic experimentation, "I condemn in the most explicit and formal way...Read More »

Q: The ethical issue of abortion?

A:Here are some links to peruse.~ Pros and Cons of Abortion All these and many more pros and cons of abortion are apposed to each other in ... Pros and Cons of Ab...Read More »

Q: How does Buddhism address modern ethical issues like abortion, ca...

A:Hi Jacob, Looks like I have been kept busy discussing assignments with a group of students, like your goodself. But it's ok. Your qn:1. How did you become invol...Read More »

Q: What about the ethical issues of abortion?

A:For some people, abortion is contrary to their religious or moral beliefs. They have every right to their viewpoint. Certainly no one should be forced to under...Read More »

ethical issues of abortion

The abortion debate asks whether it can be morally right to terminate a pregnancy before normal childbirth. Some people.Philosophical and ethical concerns. Religion and abortion - Introduction to the abortion. - Fathers' rights - Introduction
Abortion: An Overview of the Ethical Issues. Lawrence M. Hinman, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy. University of San Diego. Larry at .
Abortion is a Serious Ethical Issue: Usually debates about abortion focus on politics and the law: should abortion be outlawed and treated like the murder of a .
There are a range of moral and ethical issues which may arise about.abortion, it aims to explore some of ideas and dilemmas that some women face when .
For purposes of our discussion we will be defining abortion as follows:. Reasoning (the developed capacity to solve new and relatively complex problems)-. 3.
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Abortion is one of the most controversial issues of modern times. In the interests of promoting understanding the controversy, we try to present .
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Ava Gardner had 2 abortions. I agree though, Paris Hilton and K. Kardashian are two among many celebrities who should never have kids...

Does abortion hurt the baby?
For the person who just answered this it is a baby. Once ur 5 weeks along it is a fetus which in turn is ur baby. Whoever told you that its not a baby until birth is full of crap. And yes abortion does indeed hurt the baby. Abortion (in lack of words ) "kills" the fetus. When u have this u...

Does it hurt getting an abortion 12 weeks along? please no rude comments?
Hey, I'm actually 17 too, so can totally imagine how overwhelming and frightening an unplanned pregnancy would be at our age -- but please, for YOUR sake as well as your baby's, don't get an abortion. I've heard so many women talk about abortions that they regret years, and even decades later...

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1. You can't be addicted to something you have never done. That's like saying "I'm addicted to meth, but I've never done meth". 2. Grow up.

Should abortion be illegal? Why or Why not?
I have thought about this quite a bit over the years. The wide spread of opinions is incredible, matched only by the passion of the activists on all sides. This is an issue that few people are even able to have a civilized discussion about. Complicating it further is that there are few that...