Q: Why is it the only ethical abortion is your own?

A:Such hypocrites. It really doesn't surprise me though. I read the whole damn thing. It is a pretty good read.Read More »

Q: Ethic abortion stuff?

A:First of all, you won't ever have to personally face this issue since you're a male. So you can blather on all you want, but in the end it's not your choice to ...Read More »

Q: What are the ethical issues in abortion?

A:Ethical issues in abortion involve a constant battle between freedom and life. Pro-choice people are for freedom. They consider it unethical to take away a woma...Read More »

Q: Why is abortion not ethical?

A:The basic argument attacking the ethicality of abortion is that the fetus is a human life; to abort a pregnancy is to kill that fetus, so in a way is akin to co...Read More »

Q: Ethics of Abortion

A:Some anti-abortion groups cite post-abortion syndrome as one reason why abortion should be outlawed; these groups claim that the procedure harms women mentally ...Read More »

ethical abortion

The abortion debate asks whether it can be morally right to terminate a pregnancy before normal childbirth. Some people think that abortion is always wrong. Religion and abortion - Introduction to the abortion. - Fathers' rights - Introduction
The Ethics of Abortion. For purposes of our discussion we will be defining abortion as follows: Abortion = deliberate removal (or deliberate action to cause the .
Abortion is a Serious Ethical Issue: Usually debates about abortion focus on politics and the law: should abortion be outlawed and treated like the murder of a .
The abortion debate is the ongoing controversy surrounding the moral and legal .The ethical debate over abortion usually surrounds the issues of whether a .
The abortion discussion. Abortion and Ethical Considerations. There are a range of moral and ethical issues which may arise about unplanned pregnancy.
Internet Resources on Abortion. Survey Resources Updated Video Link. Ethics Updates Surveys on abortion --Let your voice be heard--take the survey!
J Med Ethics 2001-27:ii5-ii9 doi:10.1136/jme.27.suppl_2.ii5.Finally there is a brief discussion of one way in which the abortion debate has changed since .
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POLL/SURVEY: What's the best foreign (non-American) movie you've ever seen :)?
I love foreign films.... I could give you a whole list. The Orphanage, a Spanish movie, was pretty friggin' terrifying. One of the only horror movies that has ever actually frightened me. Speaking of foreign, I still need to rent that Waltz with Bashir movie.

Chuck Hagel a great man?
He is scared of Iran

Will Planned Parenthood be charged for a patient passing due to inadequate medical care?
It was my understanding that abortions were not performed at PP and if the "patient" was not paying for the procedure herself, was it the taxpayer, which would be interesting as Obama signed his famous Executive Order that no federal funds would be used for abortions - in the United States...

Am I Pregnant? Can someone provide a list of abortion clinics around LA area?
Go to and type in your zip code. It will give you the clinics in your area. Or, go to google and type in "abortion clinics" and your zip code or county. That's pretty vague, you may or may not be pregnant. I would wait a few more days and test again. Also look...

Baby Pictures?
If the mother is making the right decision regardless, why would seeing the baby make any difference? Life is not to be trivialized. She should know exactly what she is doing. The facts are the facts.