Q: What is Eckhart Tolle's view on emotion?

A:Eckhart Tolle is a German-born Canadian counselor and spiritual teacher. InRead More »

Q: What is the emotional appeal of having an abortions?

A:There is no emotional appeal. You will be sad and upset thinking about it and grieve. That's a part of it. That does not mean you feel you made the wrong choice...Read More »

Q: What emotional appeals does abortion have?

A:Emotionally I doubt there are any until you have healed from it emotionally. Abortion leads to feelings of regret and sorrow but it goes away and very few feel ...Read More »

Q: Which can take a huge emotional toll on us?

A:I'm not quite following you. Can u be more clear about what you'reRead More »

Q: How would abortion harm me physically and emotionally?

A:Dear Mia, I want to let you know how abortion can affect you so that you can choose the right decision.. and hopefully that will be not to abort your baby. I k...Read More »

emotional toll of abortion

The emotional side effects of an abortion will vary from one woman to another. Some women report a sense of relief after having an abortion. The reasons for .
After Effects of Abortion. Editor s Note: Please see Fact #11: Abortion is more dangerous than childbirth.The Psychological Effects of Abortion. Researchers .
Abortion can be an elective or sometimes a medically necessary procedure. Society often underestimates the emotional problems that plague .
the emotional effects of abortion that had been published in English between . Most of the studies in the AMRC s rigorous, systematic review were .
A list of documented physical and emotional risks associated with abortion, including excessive bleeding, infection, scarring, sterility, depression, anxiety, sleep .
Research shows no credible evidence that a single abortion causes psychological problems in women.
Constriction is the numbing of emotional resources, or the development.The Long-Term Psychological Effects of Abortion, Portsmouth, N.H.: .
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Should religious believers keep their views about abortion medical ethics to themselves?
Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Everyone has the right to express their opinion within the constraints of the law and acceptable social standards. No one has the right to impose their opinion on others. If a person disagrees with abortion, they have the right not to have an abortion, They...

Would you get an abortion if the doctor told you the kid had down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy etc?
Autism can't be predicted in a fetus. But, if I KNEW for a fact that my unborn child would have a disease that caused them horrible pain then yes, I might consider having an abortion. TD's are expected.

Other than abortion is there any other method to avoid pregnancy ? If yes how early should it be detected ?
Once pregnant, the only alternative to carrying the pregnancy to term is abortion. Pregnancy is sometimes unavoidable, but you can reduce your chances by practicing various forms of contraception (most methods of having protected sex, a few options are emergency contraception for use after...

If i get the abortion pill from my doctor, will she write it as a prescription?
No, she cannot write it as a prescription becasue most pharmacies do not stock it. It's too highly regulated, only certain hospitals and surgical centers carry it. Call Aetna and ask, they have many different medical insurance plans - some which will cover it and some won't. Docs will most...

Should the Abortion Dr. in Philadelphia have administered anesthesia?
The murderer from Philadelphia deserves the death penalty. I can't imagine anyone having the ability to severe a spinal cord of a perfectly healthy baby. Absolutely beyond belief!! I am sick over it.