Q: How does an abortion effect a woman emotionally?

A:an abortion affects different women in different ways. It depends on her religious up-bringing, her personal views on abortion, her feelings about the person sh...Read More »

Q: How does an abortion effect a woman emotionally?

A:I did not become depressed after mine, but some women do, especially if there were many other negative circumstances that led to the abortion. Your friend might...Read More »

Q: Why is menstrual irritability among some women and its direct emo...

A:Just keep in mind that the part of the cycle during which PMS occurs is the part of the cycle at which testosterone is at its highest level: that is, a woman ex...Read More »

Q: When emotional side effect are their, after having an abortion?

A:After an abortion, there can be feelings of loss or sadness. Some women feel grief even though they know they made the right decision. report this answer. Updat...Read More »

Q: What are some serious after effects (emotional and/or physical) o...

A:Michelle, I'm not supposed to answer homework questions. I'll just give you some links. For emotional, please see this web site: For physical, please see these ...Read More »

emotional effects of abortion on men

One man may have been involved in several abortions, each with a different. He experiences many conflicting emotions, wrestling with the strength of their .
While the residual effects of abortion for women are now widely recognized, the effects on the men remain untold. This 1996 article by Vincent M. Rue and .
Because some of the only times we hear about abortion is in Very Special Episodes or emotional magazine true stories, it s easy to conceive of .
Men can be affected by abortion in similar ways as women and many have reported.Psychosocial and Emotional Consequences of Elective Abortion: A .
The psychological effects of abortion on men have received little attention. underlying emotions such as grief and helplessness are the real source of their.
Michael Simon, a clinical psychotherapist, has written a paper on "Male Partners and the Psychological Sequelж of Abortion: A Psychodynamic-Relational View.
Earlier this week, I blogged about a conference on how abortions impact men emotionally. I pointed out that there s a dearth of dispassionate .
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An abortion pill should only be purchased through a doctor/pharmacy/abortion clinic. If bought online etc, you never know what they are or what they contain. The abortion pill is usually effective prior to 8 weeks and under supervision/guidance of medical personnel. The success rate of medical...

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