Q: Can a a woman have vaginal ectopic abortion?

A:From my understanding, although I am not a doctor or nurse, but my aunt had an ectopic pregnancy.... surgery is needed because the child is in the fallopian tub...Read More »

Q: Can a a woman have vaginal ectopic abortion?

A:I think you are asking about vaginal instead of surgical? From my understanding, although I am not a doctor or nurse, but my aunt had an ectopic pregnancy. surg...Read More »

Q: Abortion/ectopic pregnacy, safe abortion.

A:Dear Rachel, Thank you for your question on safe abortion and ectopic pregnancy. There are no studies that indicate that abortion will cause ectopic pregnancie...Read More »

Q: Differential diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy and abortion?

A:Abortion : 1- Vaginal bleeding is profuse and preceded by lower abdominal pain, 2- Abdominal size suggest duration of pregnancy, 3- No mass on vaginal posterior...Read More »

Q: Can i abort an ectopic pregnancy?

A:Hello, Phoenix, Did a doctor tell you that you have an ectopic pregnancy? If not, how do you know that's what it is? Trying to abort an ectopic pregnancy on you...Read More »

ectopic abortion

Ectopic pregnancy is not an issue in the abortion debate. The removal of an ectopic pregnancy is not an abortion and has never been considered as such either .
An ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy that grows outside the womb, usually in a. Ectopic pregnancies are treated everywhere, even in places where abortion is .
In the left Fallopian tube there is an ectopic pregnancy and bleeding (marked by .Often if a tubal abortion or tubal rupture has occurred, it is difficult to find the . Classification - Signs and symptoms - Causes - Diagnosis
An ectopic pregnancy occurs when the embryo implants outside of the uterus in the fallopian tube or ovary. Some ectopic pregnancies abort .
In most cases, an ectopic pregnancy is treated right away to avoid rupture and severe blood loss. The decision about which treatment to use .
The baby cannot be saved in an ectopic pregnancy.
The three-to-fourfold rise in the incidence of ectopic pregnancy coincides almost exactly with the steep rise in the frequency of induced abortion. If an ectopic .
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