Q: What is Don Marquis argument on abortion ?

A:…. Under "The Deprivation Argument"Read More »

Q: Why does don marquis allow abortion in the 1st 14 days after conc...

A:Because technically speaking every month you have a possible pregnancy. You release an egg and if a sperm does met the egg it still needs to become implanted in...Read More »

Q: But, WHY is it important that Marquis doesn't appeal to personhoo...

A:I would also like to add, in reference to the first comment that fetuses do not share in some rights of individuals outside the womb. It is still illegal to kil...Read More »

Q: But, WHY is it important that Marquis doesn't appeal to personhoo...

A:You ask, The question I am trying to answer is whether or not Don Marquis' argument against abortion is simply a restatement of the potentiality principle. I do...Read More »

Q: Why is abortion immoral according to Marquis?

A:The answer is both a & bRead More »

don marquis on abortion

Don Marquis: "Why Abortion is Immoral". I. Marquis Main Goal. "The purpose of this essay is to develop a general argument for the claim that the overwhelming .
Don Marquis (born 1935) is an American philosopher whose main academic interests.Marquis is best known for his paper "Why Abortion Is Immoral", which .
Don Marquis. Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 86 (April,. 1989), pp. 183-202. 1 The view that abortion is, with rare exceptions, seriously immoral has received little .
Future like ours. Abortion is wrong because it deprives the foetus of a future like ours.This argument was put forward by Don Marquis. It s particularly appealing .
Chapter 8 : Abortion. Reading: Don Marquis: Why Abortion is Immoral. Outline by Don Berkich, University of Texas, Corpus Christi (by permission) .
Don Marquis s purpose to his essay is to set out to prove that abortion is seriously wrong. He is addressing that abortion is morally wrong and .
Why Abortion is Immoral.Don Marquis. Marquis attempts to demonstrate that abortion is morally on a par with the killing of an adult human- that is, he tries to .
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