Q: Does Obama support abortion?

A:pro-choice, he'll most likely sign any pro-choice legislation that gets through congress & probably more of that stem cell research stuff tooRead More »

Q: Does Obama support abortion?

A:President Obama does support the right of a woman to choose, thus he supports abortion. He believes that the government has no right to be in a woman's private...Read More »

Q: Does Obama support abortion?

A:No, supporting the right to elect to have an abortion is not the same as supporting abortion. No one wants abortions. It's not like people get pregnant for the ...Read More »

Q: Does Barack Obama support abortion?

A:The president is what the media call "pro-choice, because he believes that personal decisions about a woman's body and health should be made by her and her doct...Read More »

Q: Does barack obama support the abortion?

A:Obamama is a smart man, and he believes in equal rights and justice, so whatever will make the pregnant woman happy, he will definately go for it. The pregnant ...Read More »

does obama support abortion

Compare Mitt Romney and Barack Obama on Abortion.Profiles.Issues . Nov 8, 20162016 Presidential Election
2012 Presidential Candidate Barack Obama on pregnant . Nov 8, 20162016 Presidential Election
In his write-in response to a 1998 survey, Obama stated his abortion position as .Obama has said that he "does not support teaching explicit sex education to .
President Obama spoke to nearly a thousand Planned Parenthood.staff received did not include accusations that Gosnell was oversedating patients and .praised the Obama administration for its support of abortion rights.
Like it or not, President Barack Obama is the most pro-abortion advocate to ever hold the.Wade, President Obama did little to even meet the standard of former .
Obama Again Proves His Loyal Support for Abortion and Infanticide.Coroner: Baby Did Not Show Any Signs Of Life Outside Womb. Duchess .
Barack Obama brings pro-abortion history to white house.His campaign stated that he "does not support" the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits taxpayer .
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Why is abortion legal?
This is a very touchy subject, and I'm glad you are addressing the issue to get opinions about it. Why are abortions legal? Because telling a woman that she _must_ have a baby is like telling her that she _must_ have a hysterectomy, or telling someone that they _must_ donate a kidney or lung...

Will abortion clinic adverts help reduce the teenage pregnancy rate?
No, they will NOT reduce the teenage pregnancy rate. What they will do is make abortion clinics more profitable. Instead of glamorizing abortion, it should, at the very least, be shown as a last ditch effort and not a "simple procedure." When the stigma of having an unwanted pregnancy decreased...

Which is better a medical or a surgical abortion?
Surgical is proven to be the much less traumatic experience. I had the surgical and the experience was completely positive. I went to the hospital was given 2 tablets to place close to the cervix, these help to soften and dilate the cervix. The procedure was carried out an hour and a half later...

Xbox Arcade vs Xbox Pro?
The Xbox 360 Pro costs $10 more than the Arcade. The Arcade costs around $200 and the Pro costs around $300. The Arcade has 256MB of storage while the Pro has 60GB. The headset is already included in the Xbox 360 Pro but the headset is sold separately if you get the Arcade. The network cable...

Whats the religious stance on abortion doctors?
There are probably very few abortion doctors who are chrisians. Thos christians that do perform abortions probably justify it by the fact that the mother's life and responsibility to her other children outweighs the value of the potential life growing in her. Thats just common sense which is...