Q: Do abortions cause hormonal imbalances resulting in women getting...

A:There's no scientific proof pointing to this. So if you choose to believe the medical establishment, which bases its findings on long-term studies and data anal...Read More »

Q: Does abortion cause cancer?

A:Simply put, no. There is no evidence that abortion causes any kind of cancer. You will notice that sites claiming this are always advocates of the pro-life move...Read More »

Q: How is cancer caused by abortion?

A:There have been no indications that abortion causes any type of cancer at all.Read More »

Q: Do Bananas Cause Cancer?

A:Bananas probably originated in Malaysia almost four thousand years ago. They come in hundreds of sub-varieties, but the two most common and popular types are th...Read More »

Q: Do Soy Beans Cause Cancer?

A:According to nutritionist Kaayla T. Daniel, that there are some health effects but also negative effects of eating soy. A 1984 study in the American Journal of ...Read More »

do abortions cause cancer

Does abortion affect hormones during pregnancy?.most reliable way to know if something causes cancer would be to do a randomized study.
A friend recently posted on her Facebook profile that she saw the bumper sticker "Abortion causes breast cancer," and she wanted to know if .
Increased levels of estrogen during pregnancy cause a woman s breasts to enlarge with cells that will eventually allow for milk production. By the time of a .
“These new studies out of India NUKE the Abortion-Breast-Cancer deniers,” Brent.They marry early, do not use the pill, have multiple pregnancies, other behaviors—besides abortion—that can cause breast cancer.
The abortion–breast cancer hypothesis posits that having an induced.has concluded that abortion does not cause breast cancer and that breast cancer should .
They concluded that having an abortion or miscarriage does not.does not support early termination of pregnancy as a cause of breast cancer.
abortion and a subsequent increase in breast cancer risk” (ACOG, 2003). While researchers do not know what causes breast cancer, reproductive factors .
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How can you justify making all abortion illegal..?
Abortion is murder. Its bad. Look at it this way... 1. all ppl who are "pro choice" or agree with abortion, are already LIVING 2. you are not giving the baby a chance to decide whether s/he WANTS to live or not 3. everyone deserves the right to live 4. no matter which procedure or way you have...

Does Paraguard IUD's cause abortions?
No. The IUD blocks the cervix and the fallopian tubes. In the off chance that a sperm DOES make it past those barricades AND actually makes it to the egg, then the copper coils create a hostile environment so the egg cannot attach. This is no more an abortion than taking the pill is. The...

IF MEN COULD GET PREGNANT, would abortion rights in this country be challenged?
There would be abortion shops on every corner, like Starbucks. Also, every Catholic and Baptist church would own and operate abortion clinics for their own clergy.

Did you know that abortion by choice is illegal all throughout Latin-America and it is only allowed in extreme?
Did you know that most of Latin-America is a sh!thole? Maybe you should move there and find out how pro life the death squads that ravage several countries are. They just love Americans. Edit: Good. I'm happy that you have a heritage to Latin America (It's death SQUAD by the way, and I won't...