Q: Is the Democratic party anti-abortion?

A:It is difficult to answer this question, since there are Democrats who are pro-choice (who believe it should be the woman's decision, not the government's) and ...Read More »

Q: Why is the democrat party pro-abortion?

A:Think about it this way. Most women i speak to know how many children they want to have in their life, be it one, two, three or even more! So even if they abort...Read More »

Q: Why does the democrat party consider abortion patriotic?

A:Joe Biden understands Chinas one child policy. Elect Obama again and maybe they could push it through late at night behind locked doors ! More »

Q: What does the Democratic party think about abortion?

A:For the most part, there is no ONE opinion since the Party is made up of individuals who think for themselves just as in the Republican Party, ie: a poll of Rep...Read More »

Q: Are Democrats backpedaling on abortion rights? Democratic Party

A:It's an official quadrennial tradition: Every four years, self-described moderates advise the Democratic Party that its long-standing and electorally successful...Read More »

democratic party abortion

The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v. Wade and a woman s right to make decisions regarding her pregnancy, .
Quite obviously, the Democratic Party is no longer about abortion being “safe, legal, and rare,” as the Clinton-era party platform claimed. believes abortion is a difficult moral and legal issue that was. The Republican Party makes no exceptions for the life or health of the woman .
Democratic Party Position on Abortion. "Choice. The Democratic Party stands behind the right of every woman to choose, consistent with Roe v. Wade, and .
The Democratic Party believes firmly in a woman s right to decide whether or not to abort a pregnancy. The Democratic views on abortion .
What does "Faithful Citizenship" say about abortion?."The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v Wade and a woman s right to choose a .
The Democratic Party is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the .5.2.1 Equal opportunity- 5.2.2 Voting rights- 5.2.3 Abortion and reproductive .
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Partial birth abortion?
Yes you have been misinformed. If you ask a medical doctor what a partial birth abortion is he'll tell you it doesn't exist. It is a political term coined by pro-life propagandists. The photos are fakes. Doctors would not allow videos or photos of abortions because that would be a violation...

Geting an abortion in China?
No, there are no laws regarding elective termination unless it's for gender selection. Ningbo Development Zone Centre Hospital 666 Huashan Rd, Beilun, Ningbo 315800 Foreigners Medical Clinic 5th floor ????????? ??????666?, ???????? Ningbo is a coastal city about 140 miles south of Shanghai...

Who believes abortion is good/bad? views?
Abortion is Sin therefore bad! Many passages teach us not to deliberately kill innocent human beings. Please read Exodus 23:7- Proverbs 6:16,17- Revelation 21:8- 22:15- Matthew 15:19,20- and Romans 13:8-10. In addition, please consider these specific passages. Psa. 106:37,38 -- Israel was polluted...

Abortion pills affect gallstones?
The side effects of the pill do not seem to do anything to the gallbladder. In U.S. trials of RU-486/misoprostol, at least 99% of patients experienced at least one of the following: * abdominal pain (cramping) (97%) * nausea (67%) * headache (32%) * vomiting (34%) * diarrhea (23%) * dizziness...

What is your opinion on gender selection? (abortion)?
Against it completely. If you have a baby growing inside of you, your natural instincts should be to love it unconditionally. It's an innocent, trusting little baby that is relying on you for everything.. How could you deny it because if gender? I personally am 26 weeks pregnant, and I wanted...