Q: What is currently being done to overcome abortion issues?

A:The loony left want to kill Disabled Kids. Smothering' Pundit: Abortions Can be 'Moral' and 'Unselfish' for Disabled Kids More from U.K. advice columnist Vir...Read More »

Q: Abortions are currently an issue in canada because?

A:They make good political soundbites.Read More »

Q: What are some current controversial issues besides abortion, gay ...

A:Tax policy, Climate Change, Occupy Wall Street/Banker Bonuses, Immigration, Closing Gitmo, Bradley Manning/Wikileaks, Syria, Patriot Act, Copyright on the Inter...Read More »

Q: What are the ethical issues in abortion?

A:Ethical issues in abortion involve a constant battle between freedom and life. Pro-choice people are for freedom. They consider it unethical to take away a woma...Read More »

Q: Why is abortion an ethical issue?

A:Some people say that reproductive rights are inalienable rights without restrictions. Some people say that the right to live is basic. Some people think that ba...Read More »

current abortion issues

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Current Status. The most controversial issue is the so-called "partial birth" abortion, a rare procedure. Beginning in the mid-90s, Republicans in the U.S. House .
Their enthusiasm, coming as some in the party have cautioned a turn away from divisive social issues, is rising after a string of gains at the .
There s no guarantee that the justices will accept any abortion cases,.W. Bush, believes the Supreme Court s pattern in recent years is telling.
National Right to Life releases new report examining the current status of abortion in the United States. WASHINGTON – Today, the National .
The Court may agree to hear one or more abortion cases in its next term.The most recent changes came in Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, .
In Australia 1 in every 4 pregnancies is terminated, with 80,000 women undergoing abortion every year. International research shows that women will still seek .
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Is abortion or carrying full term a higher risk?
In general, carrying full term or childbirth is more risky than having an abortion. You have much greater of a chance that the presence of the fetus can cause something to go wrong in your own body. Abortion is safer in that it has a lower mortality rate - when perfomed legally and safely...

Could this be why non-religious people frequent the R&S forum?
Precisely! Psychotics who are willing to kill others to "help" their cause is exactly what scares us about the religious. It only takes one crazy person to think "This is what god wants me to do" to make that person crack like the shell of an egg and just go postal on a group of people who...

Still bleeding after abortion - PLEASE HELP?
You might have an infection. Where did you get the abortion? Was is a legit clinic? It is very important that in the 2 week check up they make an ultrasound to see if there is any fetus tissue left because that will cause a deadly infection. I don't mean to scare you, but you need to see a...

What is the latest stage of pregnancy till when abortion is legal in Europe. Is it a minute before birth?
It varies widely between countries. Its legal in all European countries if continuing the pregancy would endanger the mothers life. Elective abortions are illegal completely in a few countries including Ireland, Andorra, Finland, Malta, Poland, Spain. Its legal up to 28 weeks in th UK (excluding...