Q: Is there a confidential abortion clinic for teens?

A:I don't think there's one exclusively for teens but you can always go to Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood: 1-800-230-PLAN or atwww.plannedparenthood.orgRead More »

Q: Is there a confidential abortion clinic for teens in Michigan?

A:Below is a list of Planned Parenthood clinics in Michigan. Contact the nearest one to you to discuss your situation and get information on state laws and aborti...Read More »

Q: How to Protest Legally at an Abortion Clinic.

A:1. Locate the abortion clinic where you would like to demonstrate. These can be found by looking in your local phone book under "Abortion Services" or a similar...Read More »

Q: How to keep an abortion confidential?

A:To just get it out of the way, I am 15. I don't know if I am pregnant or not, but I am asking this question in case I may be. I am unsure if I would tell my mot...Read More »

Q: Why is Siri refusing to locate abortion clinics?

A:There's no clinic in the country that calls itself an abortion clinic, so this question is highly flawed to begin with. Apple isn't refusing to do anything. Sir...Read More »

confidential abortion clinics

private abortion clinic Maryland Potomac Family Planning Center have VIP. exclusive use of abortion clinic, private and confidential abortion clinic for VIPs.
Rest assured that it s possible for you to access NHS abortion services.These include: Marie Stopes United Kingdom, BPAS, family planning clinics or a young .
New York State law allows teens to consent to confidential family planning services and reproductive health care, including abortion. This means you can make .
Find out about confidentiality and sexual health services for young people, including.If you re 13 to 16 and want contraception, an abortion or tests for sexually.Doctors, nurses and health workers might feel it s in your best interests to .
Philadelphia abortion clinic, Berger Benjamin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania abortion clinic first and.Confidential and Comfortable Pregnancy Termination
Abortion methods- Abortion clinics- What to expect after an abortion.The clinics listed below are strictly confidential and require no parental .
Best Answer: If you go to a Planned Parenthood clinic that has a.In most states Abortion Clinics must keep this confidential but to be sure .
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Abortion chat rooms?
AOL is full of people ready to fight and argue all the time. I usually enter the chistian room with the line, "Hi, Im really young. Any priests here looking for action?". It always goes over well.

Why is it that 'Parental Consent or Notification Laws' exist for abortion but not adoption?
Because once a minor gives birth to a child, she is considered an adult for purposes of giving consent for her child. An underage parent of a child does not need -her- parents' permission to have that child vaccinated, a male infant circumcised, or placed in a daycare, or enrolled in school...

I have 3 month baby and now i am pregnant!! Abortion pill?
The abortion pill you are taking about is dangeruous it has killed over 8 women. it has side effects such as excessive bleeding infection, and incompelete abortions where ou would then have to go and have a surgial abortion. It can cause tissue of the baby to be left inside and cause sepsis...

Is the foundation "live action" a poltical hit squad for planned parenthood?
So you are blaming someone for being against an organization that promotes abortion as a means of contraception? No offense intended but planned parenthood is kind of a hard organization to defend. They are no different than any other political agenda driven organization. I don't see planned...

Where can i get safe and successful abortion?
Please don't get an abortion.. that is a baby inside of you. It has a heartbeat. How would you like it if your mother made a mistake and got pregnant and murdered you!!!!!! You should not kill an innocent child when it was your fault you are pregnant to begin with! Go through the pregnancy...