Q: How is a coat hanger used for abortion?

A:REALLY?Read More »

Q: What is a coat hanger abortion!

A:Actually it IS possible and not just a. "joke/saying" women have actually done this as some sort of home made abortion so to speak. It is self explanatory, a gi...Read More »

Q: What are the effects of a coat hanger abortion?

A:A LOT of things. First of all, you could not kill the child, but inflict serious injury on it. So instead of aborting it like you had intended, the child could ...Read More »

Q: How common were "back alley" or "coat hanger" abortions prior to ...

A:in the American Journal of Public Health, the estimated number of illegal abortions in the United States ranged between 200,000 and 1.2 million. On the other ha...Read More »

Q: Is it safe to abort a fetus with a wire coat hanger

A:No. That is not safe. If you are considering that, please see a doc... ...MORE...Read More »

coat hanger abortion statistics

According to WHO statistics, the risk rate for unsafe abortion is 1/270- according to other.The wire coat hanger method was a popularly known illegal abortion . Overview - Conflating illegal and unsafe. - Incidence by continent - Methods
Abortion advocates often use a coat hanger to symbolize the "age of back-alley abortions" where women were forced to seek abortions from "unqualified .
This was in 1954, when abortion was illegal in America.of your mouse on their page into an image of a tiny coat hanger (which, as many people pointed out,. Of course no official statistics were kept, but Reagan cites some .
Of course, even if the "coat hanger" argument was true (it s not), then it s still. Nonetheless, the abortion advocates fed their concocted figures to the media, who .
The "coat hanger" argument is one of the most emotionally compelling.freely admitted that the abortion rights movement simply lied about the number of .
There is also the issue of the “coat hanger” abortion.The study authors suggest that factors like the decreasing number of abortion providers, .
Indeed, the coathanger remains a favored icon of feminists, who brandish it as a symbol of anti-abortion activists purported indifference to women s lives.And that is exactly what an examination of the statistics shows!
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