Q: How is a coat hanger used for abortion?

A:REALLY?Read More »

Q: What is the coat hanger method.

A:tapered lock buttons. Find a hanger, unfold it, and form a 3/8-inch wide hook on theRead More »

Q: What is a coat hanger abortion!

A:Actually it IS possible and not just a. "joke/saying" women have actually done this as some sort of home made abortion so to speak. It is self explanatory, a gi...Read More »

Q: What are the effects of a coat hanger abortion?

A:A LOT of things. First of all, you could not kill the child, but inflict serious injury on it. So instead of aborting it like you had intended, the child could ...Read More »

Q: What is a good method to sterilize a coat hanger?

A:That depends on the type of coat hanger, but for non-cloth hangers,Read More »

coat hanger abortion method

Many of the following methods present significant danger (see below) to the life or.However, not simply coat hangers were used. Vitamin C megadosage - Henna - Misoprostol - Menstrual extraction
Title translation: "Abortions performed by either trained or self-taught midwives not only.The wire coat hanger method was a popularly known illegal abortion .
The type of people who offer coat hanger abortions may also sexually assault their victim, because really, who s going to report them to the .
By April Dunlop In a country where abortion has been legal for 41 years, it is easy to forget that people still seek out and self-induce abortions .
But were coat hangers ever really a part of standard illegal abortion procedure? After all, the same doctors performed abortions after Roe as .
When that failed, her mother tried to abort by inserting a coat hanger.grotesque injustice to kill pre-born children regardless of the method.
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