Q: What is the Christian view of abortion?

A:Life begins at conception. There is no other logical explanation. So, since the baby that you kill is alive, then it is murder.Read More »

Q: What is a christians view on abortion?

A:Abortion - a world divided How many abortions - legal and illegal - are made each year throughout the world? The book Abortion (Abortion) says the total could b...Read More »

Q: What are Christian views on abortion?

A:Life begins at conception. [ By the end of the 10th week of gestational age, the precursors of all the major organs of the body have been created. } The woman i...Read More »

Q: What are Christian views on abortion?

A:Ps 139:15-16 My bones were not hidden from you, when I was made in secret, When I was woven in the lowest parts of the earth. Your eyes saw even the embryo of m...Read More »

Q: What are some Christian views on abortion?

A:You won't get a large number of different views on this one. The overwhelming majority of Christians are against abortion. Some are against it even in the most ...Read More »

christian views on abortion

The Church of England and Roman Catholic Church views on abortion.
A secondary school revision resource for GCSE Religious studies looking at Christian views on contraception and abortion.
The Christian View Of Abortion Cover Art Since abortion was legalized in 1973, there have been over 40 million abortions in the U.S. alone. Abortion is legal .
Religious views on abortion. Early Christian Tradition. Judeo-Christian tradition going back thousands of years has always valued human life, including unborn .
Christians at the 2009 March for Life. An abortion-rights campaigner in Spain voicing disagreement with the Catholic view on abortion during the Pope s visit.
? The strong emotions surrounding the abortion issue may lead .
Sue Bohlin takes a hard look at abortion from a biblical perspective. Her Christian viewpoint focuses on the Bible s perspective on the source and sanctity of life .
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