Q: When was Chelsea Handler's last radio interview?

A:Chelsea Handler's Playboy Guide to the Holidays is on sale NovemberRead More »

Q: Who is Chelsea Handlers big interview that she will doing next we...

A:Chelsea Handler doesn't have her interview schedule listed for next week on her website, but her guest on Friday March 05, 2010 will be Radha Mitchell.Read More »

Q: What are your thoughts on her comments? Chelsea Handler's comment...

A:I think when young women get pregnant but don't want their babies, they should consider sharing with the hundreds of families that are dying to get their hands ...Read More »

Q: Did Chelsea Handler really have an abortion?

A:Why should she be remorseful? It's between her and her doctor, and her partner. If it was the right choice for her family, why should she be silent about it? Sp...Read More »

Q: Has chelsea handler ever interviewed kathy griffin on chelsea lat...

A:Yes, Kathy Griffin promotes book on 'Chelsea Lately. Both are known for throwing humorous jabsRead More »

chelsea handler abortion interview

Chelsea Handler s confidence and lack of any need to please is extraordinary to watch.She continued: “I had an abortion when I was 16.
In an interview with Conan O Brien last night talk show host Chelsea Handler laughed about the abortion she had as a teenager. Her antics on .
During a recent interview on Rosie O Donnell s OWN talk show, the comedienne talked candidly about the factors that led her to this difficult .
Chelsea Handler Discusses Having an Abortion at 16."I was so delusional," Handler, 36, recalled during an interview on The Rosie Show .
Chelsea Handler Laughs About the Abortion She Had as a Teenager.In an interview with the New York Times last year, she discussed her .
Abortion can be a delicate topic of conversation, but Rosie O Donnell and Chelsea Handler dove right into it on "The Rosie Show" (Weeknights, .
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