Q: Where is free or cheap abortion?

A:Are you * retarded? You're using abortion as a type of birth control? People like you shouldn't be allowed to have sex. Grow the * up. You should have educated ...Read More »

Q: How much are cheap abortions?

A:The average abortion costs between 400-600 dollars. If you can't even afford an abortion, you shouldn't be having a baby. So if this girl is pregnant & SHE want...Read More »

Q: Where can i get a cheap abortion now?

A:Please note that in some countries abortion is illegal. If you live in one of these countries you should not try to have an abortion. In the US, the price is pr...Read More »

Q: Where can you get a cheap abortion hospital in Beijing china?

A:Avoid the private clinics and hospitals and go to the public hospitals. They are cheaper and more experienced. I heard the cost is 900-1200 at regular hospitals...Read More »

Q: Where Can I Go For A Free Or Cheap Abortion?

A:Call all the hospitals in your area to see if they do abortions. Most hospitals that do abortions will do them for cheap or free if you are low income & they ha...Read More »

cheap abortion

Abortion is a safe and legal way to end a pregnancy. There are two methods of abortion available to women in the first trimester of pregnancy. Frequently Asked Questions. - Abortion Resources & Support - Medication Abortion
Is the abortion pill safe and effective? Planned Parenthood answers your questions about how medical abortion ends an early pregnancy.
My friend is pregnant and she is not ready for a baby but she does not have 300 dollars for an abortion. Does anyone know of any abortion .
Abortion Clinics in Houston, TX | Houston Women s Clinic.Houston Women s Clinic is a member of The National Abortion Federation (, .
Abortion discounts, FREE Abortion , How much does an abortion cost in Atlanta, GA.We are able to offer our clients competitive and affordable pricing.
Call and speak with one of our supportive staff members to see if you may be eligible for financial assistance and we ll schedule an appointment at a time that is .
Health experts say 40 percent of all American women will have an abortion in their lifetime, one of the most common medical procedures.
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Abortion belief?
if the women was raped then its her decision. i believe this because no one has the right to take away the possibilities a child offers. So, basically, you think women should be forced to remain pregnant as punishment for consensual sex? If a fetus has a right to life, it is absolute, it...

What are the side effects of an abortion at two months?
First off, I'm really sorry that any of this happened to you. I'm glad that you made the right choice for you and are moving on. In terms of side effects, it depends on the kind of abortion you had. If you had the kind of abortion where you took a pill--hormone- or chemical-induced--then you...

Why are sex-selection abortions seen as wrong by supporters of abortion?
I'd really like someone who REALLY supports abortion but thinks this is wrong to give a good reason. People think it's ok if the child will be mentally handicap. People think it is ok because well the parents can't take care of it(what about oh I don't know ADOPTION). Yet it's so bad that they...

What were george h.w. bush's views on abortion?
He was pro-life. Bush spoke frequently on the issue of abortion and was soundly against it. He often mentioned his support for adoption as an alternative to abortion. He and Barbara adopted one child and he has two adopted grandchildren. Barbara on the other hand was in favor of abortion being...

Question about the relationship between crime and abortion asserted in "Freakonomics" ?
Red Scundy, you might actually try reading the paper Levitt put out on the matter before assuming he's an armchair economist like yourself - economists are fully aware that simultaneity ('statistics' is a pretty broad word to use) doesn't indicate causality, which is precisely why there exist...