Q: Is there any chances of pregnancy after a abortion plz help me?

A:Hi, satyadeepthi, Just so you know, I got this question. This is Pat. If you want to talk to Joan, you'll have to ask her a question. Yes, there is definitely a...Read More »

Q: Do i still have a chance of pregnancy after surgical abortion?

A:Yes you can get Pregnant again. Just follow these tips - 1. Discuss to your physician about when it is secure to begin trying to get pregnant after having had a...Read More »

Q: Is there a chance of home abortion after one month of pregnancy?

A:Yes, you can go to a clinic and they will examine you and give you abortionpills (up to week 6) that you take at home. Then you come back for another check up t...Read More »

Q: Is there any chance of stopping pregnancy after implantation exce...

A:Anytime a pregnancy is ended before 20 weeks, it is called an abortion. The other term for a miscarriage is a spontaneous abortion. But once it is implanted, no...Read More »

Q: Will it physically hurt you or your chances for later pregnancy i...

A:Answer no not at all it didnt ruin mine so good luck ;) First answer by ID1409917846. Last edit by ID1409917846. Question popularity: 14 [recommend question].Read More »

chances of pregnancy after abortion

After abortion, a female can get pregnant- however, it is recommended to take some simple measures in order to optimize the maternal and fetal help and .
So if you ve had more than one abortion and you get pregnant again later on, you may find.Find out how soon you can get pregnant after having a c-section.
Having conceived before proves that you ovulate and can get pregnant. So, rest .The signs of scarring are if you have no periods or only light periods after the .
When can you get pregnant again after having a medical abortion? Share.This means you can get pregnant right away, even if you are still having some light .
Many women do not understand that they can get pregnant right after an abortion , as soon as 7-10 days after the termination of pregnancy. You can get pregnant .
Can you get pregnant within 2 weeks after having an abortion if you had. having outercourse, there could be a slight chance of pregnancy.
It s unlikely that having an abortion in the UK will affect your fertility. However. Complications such as these can affect fertility. Also.Infection after an abortion.
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