Q: Why does the CDC keep statistics on Abortion?

A:I'm not right wing guy. Far, far from it. I honestly didn't know that the CDC keeps abortion stats. Sorry about that. It was no slight to you whatsoever. I am n...Read More »

Q: Teenage abortion statistics 2012 in Malaysia?

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Q: Are states required to report their abortion statistics to CDC?

A:No, states and areas voluntarily report data to CDC for report preparation. CDC's Division of Reproductive Health prepares surveillance reports as data becomes ...Read More »

Q: Teenage abortion statistics 2012 in Malaysia?

A:My guess is that you will have a hard time finding accurate statistics. As with many things in Malaysia, what is legal on paper doesn't always coincide with rea...Read More »

cdc abortion statistics 2012

CDC s Division of Reproductive Health (DRH) monitors maternal and.The abortion rate was 13.9 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15–44 years and. 2012-89. QuickStats: Birth Rates for Teens Aged 15–19 Years, by Age .
Description of System: Each year, CDC requests abortion data from the. Hyattsville, MD: CDC, National Center for Health Statistics- 2012 .
Keywords: National Vital Statistics System • birth rates • abortion rates • pregnancy.National Vital Statistics System and National Survey of Family Growth- CDC, Abortion Surveillance.This rate has continued to fall through 2012, to 63.0 (3).
Description of System: Each year, CDC requests abortion data from the.Among these same 45 reporting areas, the abortion rate for 2009.and possible abortion-related deaths that occurred during 2009–2012 are under .
Facts and figures relating to the frequency of abortion in the United States. publicly released their abortion totals—rendering the CDC numbers incomplete. .in 2013—down from an estimated 1.02 million abortions in 2012.
Abortion statistics in the United States.CDC s surveillance system compiles information on legal induced abortions only.Retrieved November 23, 2012.
The rate of abortions in the United States fell by 5%, the largest single-year decrease in a decade, researchers for the.November 21, 2012|By Michael Muskal.
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