Q: After Abortion Care? No antibiotics! ?

A:Wow.god is really mad at you now. You murdered a to hell with those sinners. It was your own stupidity you got preg and you killed it. i'm not going t...Read More »

Q: After Abortion Care?? No antibiotics! ?

A:I just had an abortion Friday morning. I feel fine. Just some bleeding. I was so freaked out afterward I ran out without the antibiotics. I need to know if I ta...Read More »

Q: Abortion after care question.

A:The burning can be from the speculum. It should go away in a few days. If the burning gets worse or if you note difficulty passing urine then you may have a ur...Read More »

Q: How to Be Okay After an Abortion.

A:1. Know that a lot of women have been in your shoes despite how uncommon or unique your situation is. Some women are relieved and guilt free after an abortion w...Read More »

Q: How to Heal After an Abortion

A:Reach out to people online. There are many internet forums where others understand how you feel. Ask for help and advice from people who have been through your ...Read More »

care after an abortion

After-Care Instructions. This is a version of the aftercareare instructions provided to clients following an abortion appointment.
What to expect and how to take care of yourself after you have an abortion. Everyone.How am I supposed to feel emotionally after an abortion? There is no .
Care immediately after a surgical abortion. After a surgical abortion procedure, your doctor will check to make sure: Your vital signs such as heart rate, breathing, .
Following an uncomplicated abortion, recovery usually happens quite quickly. There are some things you can do to make the experience easier, and also .
My recovery. Our Aftercare Line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have any questions or are unsure about anything please call and .
When can I resume my normal activities after the procedure? You should .
Please read through the following information to help you take care of yourself after your abortion and to learn about your recovery process.
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Abortion laws in california?
As far as I can tell, in California, a minor can seek an abortion without parental permission. As far as I'm concerned, all pregnant minors should be able to seek an abortion without parental permission. It is their life that is affected and teenagers often have values or beliefs different...

Should abortion be legal or not? Have you considered this?
Taking a biology class that presents the science and not some nutty professor's opinion, you will learn that life begins at conception. It's scientific fact- it's not a theory, it's not an opinion. It's not "fetal tissue", it is a human. This isn't even debated between pro-life and pro-abortion...

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Wow stormy awesome! You've really got the Yahoo answers community going now. So, to really look at the issue, let me break it down for you a bit... I know there are a ton of answers already, (I think 19 answers on your other question!) but I'll still take a few minutes out of my day for you...

51% of Americans are against abortion laws, what do you think of this issue?
abortion is wrong, heres why. the fetus you kill, even if its just a day after conception, would have became a person. I think about if my moms birthmother(she was adopted) got her aborted, my mom wouldnt be here, neither would I or my sister, and my dad wouldnt have a wife. yeah, its not a...

When is it too late to have an abortion in hawaii?
the Honolulu planned parenthood clinic will perform in clinic abortion services up to 18 weeks following your last period, link below, good luck