Q: Can you still be pregnant after an abortion?

A:my brother was with a girl and she thought she was pregnant i regard as this girl is wired cuz she was saying the doctor could tell if the babe was a boy when s...Read More »

Q: Can you still be pregnant after an abortion?

A:If you have gone to a clinic and they have performed a surgical abortion then no, and also not if you have gone back to the clinic to be checked out after a med...Read More »

Q: Can you still get pregnant after 3 abortions and pid?

A:It is still possible.Read More »

Q: Can you still get pregnant after four abortion?

A:D&Cs can scar the uterine lining and may make it more difficult to conceive. Abortions using pills (Misoprostol or mifepristone) likely do not impair fertility....Read More »

Q: If you had sex the night before an abortion, can you still be pre...

A:I think it can be because I guess it doesn't affect your pregnancy after abortion. But for the safe consult to a doctor. abortionRead More »

can you still be pregnant after an abortion

It is important that you understand that an abortion is a process.The urine home pregnancy test can be done only 3 weeks after taking the medicines, because before 3 weeks, the pregnancy hormones are still in your body and the test might .
If performed in the first 9 weeks, a medical abortion carries a very small risk of complications.What is a curettage/vacuum aspiration and is it necessary after medical abortion?.Even if you bleed, you can still have a continuing pregnancy .
If these symptoms persist, you may still be pregnant and should visit your.right after the abortion, know that these can cause pregnancy-like .
Even if you bleed, you can still have a continuing pregnancy.If you have an ongoing pregnancy after you did a medical abortion you can try to do a medical .
You can become pregnant any time including if you have sex immediately after an abortion. Pregnancy happens if you ovulate and have sperm in the area.
This is because the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (better known as hCG) may still be present in your body. We ll advise you on how to test .
After the abortion, Ms Skinner continued to suffer morning sickness and day your child will Google your name and it s likely this article .
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