Q: Can dogs have abortions?

A:No, they won't think it's cruel. They know it's the right thing to do. Your dog IS too young and there are already too many unwanted dogs in the world. Great de...Read More »

Q: Can a dog have an abortion?

A:u mean miscarry im not sure but as for an abortion yes if u take ur dog to the vet to get it fixed and they discover a pregnancy they will remove it . true stor...Read More »

Q: Can dogs have abortions?

A:Susan that is an old fallacy that pure bred breeders have spread and or believed. If a human woman had a baby to a man of a different colour it would not mean t...Read More »

Q: Can Dogs Have Abortions?

A:Yes, I found a stray dog, and she was a small breed, when I took her to the vet we thought she might be pregnant. The vet said that if she was we should termina...Read More »

Q: Can a dog have an abortion?

A:Yes, I think a dog can have an abortion, though it isn't recommended. I'm sure it wouldn't be cheap, and if your dog's a young dog or an old dog, it is dangerou...Read More »

can dogs have abortions

She keeps meaning to have her dog, Sadie, spayed at the vet s office.Some drugs that induce abortion have side effects that could cause .
If your dog has experienced a spontaneous abortion, the most common thing you .closely monitor your dog so that any side effects or health related issues can .
i asked on yahoo answers if my dog was pregnant, and how to tell if she is. my dog is part chewawa. the dog she mated with was very small, .
Dogs can be given something called a mismate injection, that in the event of an accidental mating or other problem it will terminate a pregnancy .
Left unchecked, dogs of all types will breed prolifically, and a female dog that is not.if you find your bitch pregnant is of course to allow her to have the puppies. .Veterinary abortion should only be considered as an option if the pregnancy .
If the dog was bred, one can almost always find sperm on the palpation or ultrasound to evaluate whether abortion has taken place.
Your pet dog or cat can be tested for pregnancy with a simple blood test,. Unwanted pet pregnancy happens and now some choices have to be made. Some sort of pregnancy test after the abortion procedure is a good .
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Personally, I don't believe in abortion for any reason. The reason why is because I believe that life starts once the egg is fertilized by the sperm cell. New advances in technology have enabled scientists to observe the amazing changes that take place in the nucleus of this one-celled fertilized...

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Hi Julia, I beg you to please consider adopting out your BABY. I too am small and have 2 babies myself. There are assistance programs available to you and adoption is also another solution. If you look on this link, you will see the week by week development of your baby. If hope you will have...

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Abortion is the killing of a fetus from the womb It is willful abortion when the woman has a will in aborting the fetus and it is punishable in the law of man as well as in the law of God. When a fetus is accidentally aborted from the womb,it ...

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THE MICHIGAN PENAL CODE (EXCERPT) Act 328 of 1931 750.213 Malicious threats to extort money. Sec. 213. Malicious threats to extort money—Any person who shall, either orally or by a written or printed communication, maliciously threaten to accuse another of any crime or offense, or shall orally...

What is your view on abortion? Pro-Life or Pro-Choice? Why?
I am 100% Pro-life. From the moment of conception, life has begun. Children are a gift from God, and we do not have the right to take them away. The first website explains how abortions are done. It is very helpful and will show you how cruel abortions really are. The second website gives information...