Q: Is bombing an abortion clinic an act of terrorism?

A:Assuming that the motivation behind the attack was to puch a poltical or ideological goal yes. (Bombing an abortion clinic for the purpose of insurance fraud wo...Read More »

Q: Is bombing an abortion clinic a Christian principle?

A:Actually no. I have met many Christians who are pro-life that would be horrified if someone blew up a clinic. Instead, they pray for the abortionists. They prov...Read More »

Q: How I Bombed an Abortion Clinic and Still Got Tenure [SATIRE ALER...

A:Some years ago I was involved with a radical anti-abortion group that was frustrated with efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade. We targeted two abortion clinics � on...Read More »

Q: Can you be placed in jail for bomb threat on abortion clinic?

A:Whether you bomb threat an airport, bank or any other place you can go to jail. Health and abortion clinics are no difference. The law will not care about your ...Read More »

bombing of abortion clinics

December 25, 1984: An abortion clinic and two physicians offices in Pensacola, Florida, were bombed in . Definition and characteristics - By country - Violence by Army of God
A male suspect was arrested in Grand Chute, Wisconsin on Tuesday in connection with the bombing of a local Planned Parenthood clinic. On Sunday ni.
Dr. George Tiller, who was shot and killed by anti-abortion terrorist Scott. Rudolph murdered: his bombing of an abortion clinic in Birmingham, .
The radical anti-abortion movement emerged in the 1980s- its violence.FBI informant whom he thought was going to bomb an abortion clinic.
Overview. Frequent violent protests against abortion clinics, in the form of arson, firebombing, and vandalism, started in the early 1970 s in the U.S. after the U.S. .
As police and federal officials hunt down the suspected Boston marathon bombers, USA Today contributor, Daily Beast columnist, and Fox .
Authorities say the man charged with setting fire to a Florida Panhandle abortion clinic long targeted by violence told investigators he was .
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