Q: Will the MSM Highlight Bob Casey's Possible Abortion Waffle?

A:really means wanting to eliminate elective abortions, not just "reduce the number." When Bill Clinton trotted out that "safe, legal, and rare" line years ago, f...Read More »

Q: Why aren't Democrats incensed by pro-life Democrat Senator Bob Ca...

A:Bob Casey supports federal funding for contraception including the morning after pill. He also believes a woman should not be forced to give birth to rapists ch...Read More »

Q: Where is Bob Casey's senators office?

A:His office is in Pennsylvania.Read More »

Q: What is senator bob casey's email address?

A:There is no email address. You must fill out the form on his web site. Don't worry, you will not get an appropriate answer. I wrote about his vote to continue t...Read More »

Q: What's wrong with Bob Casey?

A:He didn't even get a call up to the Irish squad for the 6 Nations. London Irish captain: even if he wasn't going to be played you'd think he'd be there for the ...Read More »

bob casey abortion

Democratic Senate candidate Robert P. Casey Jr., who opposes abortion, believes Roe v. Wade should be overturned. “You can t say you .
WASHINGTON - Sen. Bob Casey, an antiabortion Democrat, plans to vote Wednesday for a bill that would overturn the Supreme Court s recent .
Born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Casey is the son of Bob Casey, Sr., a former. Both argued that Casey s views on abortion and other social issues were too .
Casey, a major Supreme Court case that upheld almost all the prohibitions on abortion that Casey signed into law. He championed unions, believed in .
Bob Casey, who ran as a pro-life advocate when he won a Senate term. repeated pro-abortion votes, continues to abandon his pro-life views.
Senator Bob Casey in Pennsylvania is facing new ads from a pro-life women s group that highlights how he claims to be pro-life but voted for .
Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey, Jr., a Catholic, spoke at the Democratic.said , “I think the Democratic Party is changing and moving away from abortion as a .
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