Q: Will the MSM Highlight Bob Casey's Possible Abortion Waffle?

A:really means wanting to eliminate elective abortions, not just "reduce the number." When Bill Clinton trotted out that "safe, legal, and rare" line years ago, f...Read More »

Q: Why aren't Democrats incensed by pro-life Democrat Senator Bob Ca...

A:Bob Casey supports federal funding for contraception including the morning after pill. He also believes a woman should not be forced to give birth to rapists ch...Read More »

Q: Where is Bob Casey's senators office?

A:His office is in Pennsylvania.Read More »

Q: What is senator bob casey's email address?

A:There is no email address. You must fill out the form on his web site. Don't worry, you will not get an appropriate answer. I wrote about his vote to continue t...Read More »

Q: What's wrong with Bob Casey?

A:He didn't even get a call up to the Irish squad for the 6 Nations. London Irish captain: even if he wasn't going to be played you'd think he'd be there for the ...Read More »

bob casey abortion

Democratic Senate candidate Robert P. Casey Jr., who opposes abortion, believes Roe v. Wade should be overturned. “You can t say you .
WASHINGTON - Sen. Bob Casey, an antiabortion Democrat, plans to vote Wednesday for a bill that would overturn the Supreme Court s recent .
Born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Casey is the son of Bob Casey, Sr., a former. Both argued that Casey s views on abortion and other social issues were too .
Casey, a major Supreme Court case that upheld almost all the prohibitions on abortion that Casey signed into law. He championed unions, believed in .
Bob Casey, who ran as a pro-life advocate when he won a Senate term. repeated pro-abortion votes, continues to abandon his pro-life views.
Senator Bob Casey in Pennsylvania is facing new ads from a pro-life women s group that highlights how he claims to be pro-life but voted for .
Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey, Jr., a Catholic, spoke at the Democratic.said , “I think the Democratic Party is changing and moving away from abortion as a .
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If you knew for a fact that a fetus was going to end up with Down Syndrome, would you allow its abortion?
Let me tell you something I have a daughter with Down Syndrome and she is the happiest person I know and have ever known. And she just lights up every one that ever comes across her path she is an angel from God she is my guardian angel and let me tell you she makes life worth living for me...

Can someone tell me the place in Tulsa or OK City that helps with abortions past 12 weeks?
Instead of posting this in the PREGNANCY section, why don't you just call Plannned Parenthood?

How is this ethically different from having an abortion?
I have always wondered the same thing. I have no objections to abortion... People can do what they want with their lives, as long as they are making their choices of their own volition. Some states allow third trimester abortions, so in essence a 9 month abortion is legal... But, once the baby...

How do i find fake abortion papers?
use print shop on your computer and make up a fake receipt for an abortion. be aware, that once he has these papers in his hand you will need to list this child as father unknown or risk the legal recourse from him in due time.

Forced Abortion Coverage by Insurance Companies?
No, abortion isn't a part of it. The debate is over whether or not religious non-church institutions (Catholic hospitals and universities, for instance) should be exempt or not from the Affordable Care Act's requirement that contraception be covered under insurance without co-pays for employees...