blue cohosh for abortion

Blue Cohosh is a powerful women s ally, who s main action is on the uterus.of circumstances, including after pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion or coming off .
An anti-spasmodic herb often used in conjunction with Blue Cohosh, some herb books will even go as far to say that it can be used instead of Blue Cohosh, but .
I had a natural miscarriage/abortion by using black and blue cohosh,.I d read about blue and black cohosh so I bought both in dry herb form .
The combination of blue cohosh and black cohosh is often quite effective in ending unwanted pregnancies, so that sounds like a fine approach.
Most importantly an herbal abortion should never be undertaken unless a women .Blue Cohosh root - Caulophyllum thalictroides, Dosage: Tea - 3 teaspoons .
Herbs used for abortion are generally only effective if used early, even before a .List A and one from List B. The best seems to be pennyroyal and blue cohosh.
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