Q: Is it normal to get bloated after abortion?

A:Yes, bloating is a perfectly normal in pregnancy and after abortion. When I had a surgical abortion at 7 weeks I felt puffy for about 4-5 days after. It would f...Read More »

Q: Is bloating normal after an abortion?

A:I'm not sure, but if it helps, I've just undergone a medical abortion myself and am experiencing some uncomfortable bloating. From what I've read, it seems to b...Read More »

Q: Bloating after surgical abortion is it normal?

A:Take your temp! Chills and hot flashes could mean a fever which could mean an infection. This is the most important. Next, bloating is normal. If they opened yo...Read More »

Q: All of my pregnancy symptoms have gone away, but since then i hav...

A:Hi Danielle, Did you have any complications? I advise you visit your doctor because you may have a blockage in your stomach, an obstruction in the small bowel, ...Read More »

Q: Is this bloating from fat or fluid? bloating 3 months after abort...

A:Hello, kelli, By 9 weeks, the stomach will have started to grow slightly larger in some women. It takes awhile for this to return to a pre-pregnant state. If yo...Read More »

bloated after abortion

Bleeding after an abortion also varies- some women have no bleeding at all. Abdominal bloating also gets worse in the first week and resolves after two weeks.
Women mostly notice an increase in cramping, and thus bloating, when they are more active after their abortion. It is important to take it easy for .
Infection is the most frequent complication after an abortion. About 1 patient in. You may notice some abdominal swelling or bloating following your procedure.
Uterine cramping is normal after any kind of abortion- the main way that your. Symptoms of pregnancy, such as nausea, bloating or breast .
I had an abortion on friday I was 6 wks pregnant. I am a size 6 uk so quite thin but iv noticed since the pregnancy I got bloated abit with my .
Un-Expecting s Super Abortion Checklist for before, during, and after your abortion.Bloat and gas are really common post-abortion symptoms and you might .
Bloating After Abortion: how long it lasts, how to ease discomfort, and which symptoms indicate serious problems.
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