Q: Birth Control pills after abortion?

A:By her taking those BC's it will regulate her cycle again, it's going to be messed up for 3-6 months. Does she or you have a problem with BCP's? Why not take th...Read More »

Q: Birth control pills after an abortion.

A:Hi Caitlyn. I have to say I have never, ever heard of a doctor prescribing birth control pills after an abortion unless it is the type of contraception the woma...Read More »

Q: When to start birth control pill after an abortion?

A:First, let me start by saying that I do not need anyone telling me there views on abortion - I made a decision that was my decision to make, I do not want negat...Read More »

Q: Is it adviseable to take a birth control pills after an abortion?

A:Yes, absolutely!Read More »

Q: Can you start birth control pills after an abortion?

A:Yes absolutely. Speak to your doctor. You can start them on the same as an abortion, or at anytime thereafter. If you start within seven days of an in-clinic ab...Read More »

birth control pill after abortion

The Pill - Oral Contraception - for Birth Control and Pregnancy Prevention - www. .If you start the pill in this way (within six days after an abortion or the start of a .
Birth Control Pills - Birth Control Pill - The Pill.You can start using the combination pill right after an abortion or miscarriage. You can start taking the .
Birth control pills, patch, vaginal ring, implant, Depo-Provera. Start on the day of the abortion, or within five days after the abortion. Start on the .
Starting the Pill. If you are beginning birth control following a pregnancy, you should begin the day of or the day after your abortion, delivery or miscarriage.
Your normal period should begin three to six weeks after the abortion, unless you are on birth control pills, Depo Provera (the shot) or have a Mirena.
If you start the pill more than five days after the miscarriage or abortion, you ll need to use additional contraception until you have taken the pill for seven days.
When can I begin birth control after taking the "Abortion Pill?".Birth Control. How long after taking the morning after pill will it protect me against pregnancy?
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