Q: Would you mess with anti-abortion protesters?

A:They have no regard for the US Constitution.Read More »

Q: Would you mess with anti-abortion protesters?

A:They make violent threats to pro-abortionists. Not very civil people. They lack the ability to form rational thoughts. I don't trust them.Read More »

Q: Who is responsible for the shocking death of anti abortion protes...

A:An elderly pro-life activist was shot multiple times and killed this morning in front of Owosso High School in Michigan while he was peacefully protesting abort...Read More »

Q: What are the possibilities that Norma McCorvey will be arrested f...

A:According to. correspondents who are on the ground at Notre Dame, as expected, Norma McCorvey, the "Roe" in Roe v Wade, was just arrested on campus...Read More »

Q: How come some anti abortion protesters?

A:Scare tactics I suppose, its really annoying. They did that at my old school, put up huge banners in the free-speech area. I would have rather they turned the b...Read More »

anti abortion protests

In some countries, abortion is being used to conduct a war on baby girls. Sadly Canada is not immune from this trend of sex-selective abortion being utilized to .
After Tiller follows doctors in Nebraska as restrictive new anti-abortion laws force him to close his clinic and attempt to open a new one. After just a few minutes of .
Pregnant passerby challenges anti-abortion protesters. YouTube video of confrontation outside London clinic goes viral as activist who filmed it .
Volunteers escort women through gauntlet of protesters, with reports of.Anti- abortion protesters outside the Marie Stopes clinic in Belfast in .
Anti-abortion campaigners should be allowed to express their views but it s downright wrong to block women s entrance to clinics, film them or .
Why anti-abortion protesters must Back Off. Ann Furedi Chief executive, BPAS. The CEO of bpas explains why buffer zones are needed outside .
Anti-abortion violence is violence committed against individuals and.seeing a patient enter the clinic during one of the frequent anti-abortion protests there.
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Why does Russia lead the world abortion rates?
Russian women use abortions as their primary source of birth control.

Is abortion REALLY murder?
Personally I believe that abortion only becomes murder when the embryo becomes a fetus. At the stages of an embryo I would view that the baby isnt really a human being. Therefore it only gives a timeframe of 12 weeks from conception for me to not class it as murder I can recall going to my...

Abortion tattoo ideas?
I wish people would read the guidelines before they answer. I recall something about hate speech and also being mean. There is already one answer here that qualifies for both. It's your body and your life. No ones decision but yours wether you have an abortion or not. There is support networks...

Mormons, capital punishment, and abortion?
We're taught that abortion is wrong and it is STRONGLY discouraged and may affect your church membership. There's no official stance on capital punishment, however, many of the Mormons in the US are republican or conservative and support the death penalty, however, I know many exceptions to...

Have you read these stories about Pro-lifers getting abortions?
I didn't read the stories, but it is actually not that unusual. I remember once going into a PP clinic to get an STD exam (turned out to be an infection, not an STD) and there was this obnoxious woman out there. The nurse told me that the particular obnoxious woman had had 2 abortions, both...