Q: Atheists who support abortion rights, what's your response to thi...

A:Family planning is not easy for anyone, and to have outsiders interfere in difficult decisions does not make life easy for anyone.Read More »

Q: Will the liberals' anti-mother and pro-abortion stance hurt them ...

A:Well, figuring Obama's base is made up of un-wed welfare mothers, and delinquent "baby daddys" probably not.Read More »

Q: Do you think that some black voters will vote for obama again in ...

A:…. Harlem Voters on Howard Stern's Show. No, they will vote for him because he's still black. More »

Q: Will some black voters vote for obama in 2012 because obama was a...

A:Too many don't care about what he does. Just how he looks.Read More »

Q: Do you think that harlem voters will again proclaim that they are...

A:Have to go with the crowd. Black is the only vote, No matter how bad the fool running. is.Read More »

anti abortion articles 2012

Pro-life campaigners have welcomed publication of an article arguing killing newborns should be "permissible", saying it showed.3:52PM GMT .
A Response to Objections on My Pro-Life Movement Post.http://www. .
The liberal professor who stepped right into an anti-abortion trap.The draft 2012 platform states that “the unborn child has a fundamental right to life which .
David Frum says the controversy over abortion typically fails to examine the full picture.Updated 9:12 AM ET, Mon October 29, 2012.Pro-life and pro-choice debaters delight in presenting each other with exquisitely extreme moral .
ARTICLES BY DATE. NEWS.Right now abortion is legal, but anti- abortionists are trying their hardest to make it illegal. The teenage.August 21, 2012.
Can Neuroscience Challenge Roe V. Wade? OCT. 28, 2012.And we must stop letting Republicans name themselves “pro-life” and.2012. A phrase in this version of the article has been changed to “every fertilized egg in a .
News about Abortion, including commentary and archival articles published in The.for second-trimester abortions, a move that anti-abortion forces hope other .
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What effect does multiple abortion have?
it depends if the surgeries went right or not.. chances are low of infertility

What 3 topics to write about in a pro choice abortion essay?
Partial birth abortions and the law banning it, and why it should be legal. An example of why it should be legal regarding fetus' health: and another one regarding mother's health: I went to catholic school...

Abortion - Mens rights!?
Adopt children. If you want a choice, one or the other, allow others a choice! Stop debating our private matters and start adopting ORPHAN children. Anyone want the government regulating their uterus? Anyone want pregnancy forced on them and abortion on forced on them, like in Nicaragua and...

Does any body know of any place who will help with abortion and maybe a payment plain?
You could try contacting medicaid. They help pay for the abortions. Even try contacting planned parenthood. Or even contact your local university hospital. They might have a sliding schedule. Good Luck tho. I really hope that no one acts like jerks on here.

Abortion clinic costs?
If you go to a Planned Parenthood clinic that has a low-income program it can be as cheap as 115$. If you tells them you have no job, no money and no support they will likely have you pay the minimum for the procedure and get donations to cover the rest. If you are underage it may be free....