Q: What is Ann Coulter's views on abortion?

A:Ann Coulter is pro life.Read More »

Q: Ann Coulter thinks that abortion is the holy sacrament of the chu...

A:Absolutely not. Government benefits to the so-called poor in this country are.Read More »

Q: What is ann coulter's IQ?

A:she is very bright at least 150.Read More »

Q: Who is Ann Coulter?

A:Answer A political attitudes author with conservative principles. She writes mostly opinion, but uses fact as a support method within her writings. Answer Many ...Read More »

Q: What's Ann Coulter like in person?

A:There's an intimate, extended interview with her in Time Magazine in which she was described as "a personality far more labile and human than the umbrageous har...Read More »

ann coulter on abortion

“I think I speak for all of the writers on this website when I say that her piece is distasteful, ridiculous, and just plain wrong,” Live Action s Murray .
Ann Coulter Endorses Pro-abortion Republican for President: Coulter endorsed2 for president Mitt Romney, the politician who has done more3 .
40 quotes from Ann Coulter: Guns are our friends because in a country.This is exactly like the Clintonian statement about wanting to make abortion safe, .
Well this Ann Coulter rant went many places. She covered gun rights, criminal records, abortion, tax subsidies, single mothers, New York real .
If you want to see who the real extremist is, Ann Coulter, come on Fox.“these two idiots decided to come out against abortion in the case of .
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