Q: What is Ann Coulter's views on abortion?

A:Ann Coulter is pro life.Read More »

Q: Ann Coulter thinks that abortion is the holy sacrament of the chu...

A:Absolutely not. Government benefits to the so-called poor in this country are.Read More »

Q: What is ann coulter's IQ?

A:she is very bright at least 150.Read More »

Q: Who is Ann Coulter?

A:Answer A political attitudes author with conservative principles. She writes mostly opinion, but uses fact as a support method within her writings. Answer Many ...Read More »

Q: What's Ann Coulter like in person?

A:There's an intimate, extended interview with her in Time Magazine in which she was described as "a personality far more labile and human than the umbrageous har...Read More »

ann coulter on abortion

“I think I speak for all of the writers on this website when I say that her piece is distasteful, ridiculous, and just plain wrong,” Live Action s Murray .
Ann Coulter Endorses Pro-abortion Republican for President: Coulter endorsed2 for president Mitt Romney, the politician who has done more3 .
40 quotes from Ann Coulter: Guns are our friends because in a country.This is exactly like the Clintonian statement about wanting to make abortion safe, .
Well this Ann Coulter rant went many places. She covered gun rights, criminal records, abortion, tax subsidies, single mothers, New York real .
If you want to see who the real extremist is, Ann Coulter, come on Fox.“these two idiots decided to come out against abortion in the case of .
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I would do as Sarah Palin did and choose life for my child. Have you seen some of the kids with Down's Syndrome?? They're some of the happiest kids in the world! We all have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Just because someone has a disability, they should have no...

Abortion Laws in Australia - Teenagers?
In Victoria, it is legal to have an abortion if the abortion is performed by a doctor who believes that continuing the pregnancy and having the baby would lead to a serious danger to your life or physical or mental health and would be more harmful than having an abortion. If you are under 18...

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I believe that infant circumcision is always wrong except in the case of legitimate medical reasons. It is wrong to perform cosmetic surgery (as circumcision has no medical benefits) on someone when they cannot consent to it. This is a direct violation of their body and their rights. Circumcision...

Why is the concept of ‘personhood’ problematic in the abortion debate?
Personhood is when humans are granted legal rights. The Constitution defines this as "anyone born." Why do people always forget about the real, actual person -- the woman, and romanticize the imaginary one -- the fetus? Is it the whole 'original sin' thing? Fetuses are innocent because they...

What are abortion exceptions? (pro life people)?
The hypocrisy of people who say they are pro-life but with exceptions is astounding. When you say that it's acceptable in cases of rape or problems with the child, etc., what you are saying is that you respect the fact that the mother is in a circumstance where she may not be able to handle...