Q: Why don't Repubs bash Anita Perry for her jokes on "999"

A:Please they are picking on her husband because of his Religion. She didn't mention it was her Religion's Pastor that called someone else Religion a cult. Someon...Read More »

Q: How anita and rick met: wedding date: children: occupations: resi...

A:Although they first met in elementary school, Rick and Anita Perry didn't have their first date until they were in high school. Then it took another 16 years fo...Read More »

Q: Did Anita Carter have an abortion by Johnny Cash?

A:I did not know that Anita Carter had an abortion. Who was the father?Read More »

Q: Why is Rick Perry on the warpath against abortion?

A:Most of the people of Texas want him out. He's so out of touch with the mainstream. If Perry truly is in favor of less abortions, he should insist that all insu...Read More »

Q: Is Rick Perry pro-life or does he believe in abortion?

A:Abortion is not something you believe in, it's not a religion but a medical or surgical procedure. That would be like asking if someone believes in amputation. ...Read More »

anita perry abortion

Over last weekend, Anita Perry--the wife of Texas governor Rick Perry--told a reporter that abortion was a "woman s right, just like it s a man.
Texas first lady Anita Perry says abortion is “a woman s right,” contrary to the hard -line stance of her husband, Gov. Rick Perry.
Smith seemed surprised at Perry s comments. Under the headline, "Anita Perry Accidentally Says Abortion Could Be a Woman s Right," Doug .
Anita Perry, wife of Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R), declared Saturday that abortion " could be a women s right." When pressed on women s rights by .
Texas first lady Anita Perry said Saturday that while there s no daylight between her and her husband on abortion, it s not her job to judge .
Rick Perry on Monday appeared to walk back a remark by his wife.Texas first lady Anita Perry said that abortion “could be a women s right.
Texas first lady Anita Perry told an interviewer on Saturday that she thinks abortion is “a woman s right.” Perry s husband, Texas Gov. Rick Perry .
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Abortion, causing breast cancer?
Ladyhawkeye is quite right- the leaflets you read were nonsense put out by the church to discourage abortion. The link Danielle gives is excellent. And you are right to describe the church's tactics as 'stooping so low'. The supposed link between abortion and breast cancer is a myth- junk...

Are Abortion providers tripping over eachother to get to the new open market in Mexico?
Do you remember that the first thing Bush did as a president was to sign a bill denying funding to organisations that work overseas that provide abortions? What that ended up doing is cutting funding for Planned Parenthood, etc. abroad. For example the Guatemalan extension of Planned Parenthood...

Does the AME (African Methodist Episcopal) church take a stand on abortion?
We must all remember that as children of God, all AMES feel that abortion is a sin against God. Abortion is murder with malice. There must be an effort on our part to teach that killing is killing. The fact is that at the moment of conception a real person has been born. I believe that there...

If states in Australia have different Abortion laws to each other?
I live in Australia. Abortion is legal in every state, but yes, the power of the abortion law falls under the states rule...and it is written into the constitution (federal), that abortion is a right. For the states to change the consitution, it would then become a federal issue and a referendum...