Q: What is ani difrancos birthday.

A:Ani DiFranco (whose full name is Angela Maria DiFranco) was born on September 23,Read More »

Q: How is ani difranco jewish?

A:I could not find any info on Ani DiFranco being Jewish. At one point, she identified asRead More »

Q: When was Ani Difranco born?

A:Angela Marie Difranco September 23, 1970 in Buffalo, New York, USARead More »

Q: What is genre of Ani Difranco ?

A:Comedy | Documentary | Drama | MusicRead More »

Q: Who loves Ani Difranco?

A:I like alot of her stuff and saw her live twice. My favorite album of hers has to be either Imperfectly or Not a Pretty Girl.Read More »

ani difranco abortion

But over the past two decades, Ani DiFranco has remained.the evolution of our relationship with abortion without alienating people. I wanted .
Lyrics to "Lost Woman Song" song by ANI DIFRANCO: I opened a bank account when I was nine years old I closed it when I was eighteen I gave them every.
One singer-songwriter who really stood out to me was Ani Difranco.Now that I knew the truth, that abortion is the taking of the most innocent .
Whether listeners find Ani DiFranco s work confrontational or comforting is entirely in the eye.On my first record, I wrote about my own abortion when I was 18.
My dad, a wonderful father, had decided that abortion probably was the better choice.I went to see the doctor who would perform the abortion.-Ani Difranco.
Posts about Ani DiFranco written by The Mamafesto.from music, feminism, the Occupy Movement, abortion, and our respective kids.
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