Q: What are three alternative options to abortion?

A:Keep the baby. Give the baby up for different types of adoption. Give the baby to a close family member which is a type of adoption.Read More »

Q: How to Find Abortion Alternatives in Texas

A:Visit your city or town's website to find local, non-profit family counseling. Most of the larger cities in Texas maintain a directory of abortion alternatives....Read More »

Q: How is abortion a option?

A:From our video partners Pregnancy Taking care of yourself with baby on the way. If you can not see yourself as a parent or can not go through 40 weeks of pregna...Read More »

Q: What are some alternate investment options?

A:Private Equity funds can be a good place to look into. PE funds are a very broad category, but they are generally: High return (10% to 20% net IRR) for reasons ...Read More »

Q: How to Know About Alternatives to a Stock Option Plan

A:Compensate the employee with a cash bonus. Cash is a precious commodity to companies. If a company has excess cash on hand, use it to compensate the employees i...Read More »

alternative options to abortion

Information and resources that explain alternatives to abortion including various parenting arrangements, interim foster care, and adoption options.
There are many abortion alternatives when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Placing your child in a loving home is the best other option to .
For more information on ending pregnancies in the first trimester please visit these websites, also please keep in mind Abortion Pill options are available up to .
A lot of women in this situation consider abortion, but many of these women are unaware of the alternatives. These are some options you may want to consider if .
So for ONE FINAL TIME: Adoption is not the Alternative to Abortion. And for why it is.It shouldn t be either/or because there are other options.
What choices do you have when faced with an unplanned pregnancy? Parenting, Adoption, Fostering, Abortion. Bpas helps you assess your options.
Is there any other option than abortion, plz read the complete question.I dont want baby.Alternatives to abortion are adoption or just keep it!
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Abortion for what health risks?
We adopted my sister 13 years ago, she was a 5month old baby, in a few weeks my sister is having her 5th operation done, she is half spastic from her hips down, apart from the fact that she cant walk, there is nothing wrong with her. Her biologic mother tried abortion that didnt work

So long as abortion is legal shouldn't we harvest those stem cells instead of throwing them out ?
Stem cells are taken from very early stage embryos called blastocysts. The cells have yet to differentiate. Infertility clinics have hundreds of thousands of unused, frozen embryos which could be used for stem cell research, but they are thrown away. "Pro-lifers" would like to confuse the...

The Free clinic? abortion?morning after pill?
You really should tell someone else at least the police so they try to catch the person. Can't help you with the free clinic thing though. It is not your fault rape is a crime of control if your boyfriend knows already then don't worry about how he will look at you. Really you need to tell...

What would happen worldwide if abortion was to be put to a stop.?
Causes of abortion--rape, incest, ectopic pregnancies or any pregnancy that will be fatal to the mother, unwanted/unplanned pregnancies What will happen if abortion were put to a stop (I assume you mean made illegal?)--Women would still find ways to abort their babies. There would be "underground"... you or not!!!!!!!!?
No, because every abortion kills an innocent human being, and killing innocent human beings is wrong. For more information, see: Photos and Video of Abortions, Including 1st Trimester Abortions: Information...