Q: Where can i find educational editorial articles against abortion?

A:Sorry, abortion is good public policy. A pair of economists analyzed the source of the drop in crime in the USA in the late 1990s, and found it was due to the l...Read More »

Q: What are the arguments for and against abortion?

A:I will not give you the arguments for, but here are the arguments against: 1. Abortion is murder. From the moment of conception the fertilized egg is a unique p...Read More »

Q: Why are Muslims against abortion?

A:Because the baby after 40 days is considered a soul or human, and it's is considered as killing a human being, and killing a human being without a lawful cause ...Read More »

Q: What are the arguments for and against Male Abortion?

A:If a man is not prepared for the possibility of supporting an unwanted or unexpected child, he has a free choice. That choice is not to engage in unprotected s...Read More »

Q: Does anyone know where I can get a article on religion against ab...

A:Just visit the vatican webpage and search.Read More »

against abortion article

10 reasons against abortion, pro-choice position.By the time you finish reading this article, 4 or 5 more innocent lives will be lost. God s plan for them will be .
After failing to convince legislators that anti-abortion laws were “archaic,” Lader saw an.Thank you so much for allowing so much space for this article.
Erika Bachiochi is an attorney and the author of an article in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy: Embodied Equality: Debunking .
The Congressional Budget Office (CBO), a nonpartisan federal agency, evaluated a proposed anti-abortion bill that would ban all abortions nationwide after 20 .
This article sets out the women s rights arguments that oppose giving women an automatic right to an abortion.
The controversy over abortion is incredible. There is no give or take, no compromise. Right now abortion is legal, but anti- abortionists are trying their hardest to .
Anti Abortion News. Find breaking news, commentary, and archival information about Anti Abortion From The latimes.
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How many women have taken the RU486 (mifeprestone) abortion pill?
I haven't tried any abortion pills, but in light of the first answer I just had to add my own personal opinion and slightly in your defence. Abortion is a very personal and sensitive subject. It is the woman's choice, no matter her age. I do think it is important that you should see councling...

What's an abortion like at 10 weeks?
It's awful. You can read many women's stories here: It sounds like your boyfriend is trying to manipulate you into aborting. Don't let him. It would hurt you and end your baby's life. In time, he will have no choice but to come around if you keep...

What do you think about the abortion dr. that was killed in church?
I think it's so sad as this is 2009 and if grown people make that choice it's theirs to make- not mine or yours or the radicals who kill abortion doctors in the name of God.God surely would not even want these types in his barn let alone his home.I have seen people who have had back alley abortions...

Post-abortion support?
How could someone force her to get an abortion if she didn't want one? Maybe you can google "Abortion support forum" and something may come up.

What are abortion laws like in ontario, canada?
Ontario Sexual Health Awareness Centre of Planned Parenthood Hamilton 20 Hughson Street South, Suite 611 Hamilton, ON L8N 2A1 Tel: (905) 528-3009 Fax: (905) 528-4702 E-mail: Planned Parenthood North Shore P.O. Box 842, 15 Hudson Street Blind River, ON P0R 1B0 Tel:...