Q: After effects of abortion pills?

A:The abortion pill, also known as mifepristone, is prescribed by some doctors to women who want to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. It is offered as an alternati...Read More »

Q: After effects of abortion pills?

A:what are the after effects of taking abortion pills. The abortion pill, also known as mifepristone, is prescribed by some doctors to women who want to terminate...Read More »

Q: How long should side effects last after taking the abortion pill?

A:up til about 2wks.Read More »

Q: Which has more long term effects the morning after pill or aborti...

A:What you have heard is completly false. There is no way either an abortion...or the morning after pill could casue something like Downs for eas o...Read More »

Q: Are abortion pills effective after the fourth month?

A:No they are not. They are not effective and safe after 9th week.Read More »

after effects of abortion pill

It is unlikely that the abortion will happen after taking the first pill.Side effects of drugs such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, headache, dizziness, fever/chills .
The experience and risks of an abortion caused by Misoprostol are similar to. Bleeding mostly starts within four hours after using the pills, but sometimes later.
Side Effects. Cramping and bleeding are an expected part of ending a pregnancy .Usually, these symptoms mean that the treatment is working. But sometimes .
First, your doctor gives you a dose of mifepristone tablets by mouth.Side effects may increase as the length of pregnancy increases and in women having their .
Information for patients about what to expect if you choose the abortion pill, how it works, side effects, and risks. From the Feminist Women.
Early Medical Abortion (abortion pill). Early medical.However, every form of medical treatment carries some risks or side effects. With this treatment the main .
I have created a website on abortion pill risks that details the facts.A few hours after taking the second pill, in the middle of the night, I got .
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