Q: How do you stop depression after abortion?

A:Abortions are not as easy as some young girls are led to believe. Some young women feel simply relief they are no longer pregnant, while some young women feel g...Read More »

Q: Is it normal to be depressed after abortion?

A:Oh for Pete's sake. This girl is not asking your opinions of abortion or if you are pro choice or pro life. She is asking about depression and coping after an a...Read More »

Q: How to deal with depression after a abortion?

A:What they all said before me! Don't come looking for sympathy on the Pregnancy/Parenting section.We're too busy helping people deal with the children they gave ...Read More »

Q: How to deal with depression after a abortion?

A:I can't believe how cruel all these self-righteous people have been to you. The fact that they don't know squat about 'when life begins' is only superceded by t...Read More »

Q: Is it normal to feel depressed after an abortion?

A:Approximately 5% to 30% of women report feelings of regret, anxiety , guilt, mild depression and other negative emotions. If your feelings are overwhelming or p...Read More »

after abortion depression

Both sides of the argument agree that grief after abortion is real and women must .A common effect of disenfranchised grief is depression, manifesting itself in .
"PASS" is different from normal feelings of loss and depression immediately. So having a severe reaction immediately after an abortion can be classified as .
In rare cases, women may become clinically depressed after having an abortion. If your feelings are overwhelming and do not seem to be resolving or you are .
This occurs when the woman becomes pregnant soon after her abortion to make .This is due to the guilt and depression hindering the mother s ability to bond .
What s wrong with her that she feels so depressed about it?.And so it is not surprising that after the abortion, a pain begins to emerge from the depths of her .
Dealing with uncomfortable feelings after an abortion can be very difficult, since .Buried grief may result in depression, anxiety, and re-experiencing the trauma.
Although my husband and I split up shortly after, it was the abortion that sank me into a depression. I could cope with my marriage break-up, .
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If you want an answer to this, look to Nicaragua where abortions are currently illegal. And what has happened is this: 1. There are no 'official' abortion statistics so the anti-abortionists feel better because abortion does not 'officially' exist. 2. Rich women fly to Manilla for an abortion...

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How soon can I fall Pregnant after a Medical Abortion?
It is highly doubtful that you would get pregnant this way especially since you were in the shower. The 'danger' of getting pregnant again after an abortion or miscarriage is because you never know when your body will ovulate after that. I am so sorry you had an incomplete abortion. I hope...

When you have a abortion/termination, you do bleed for up too 3 weeks, a lady i was looking after bled for 6 weeks on and off. what you are describing is perfectly normal, as the blood loss can slow down or even completly stop, the a day or so later re-appear. as long as there is not pain,...

Rallies at Abortion clinics?
When I went to college in Lynchburg VA (home of Liberty University) there were many religious people harassing women who went into a birth control Planned Parenthood clinic that did not even perform abortions. They took video cameras and reported any female students from Liberty who went there...