Q: How do you stop depression after abortion?

A:Abortions are not as easy as some young girls are led to believe. Some young women feel simply relief they are no longer pregnant, while some young women feel g...Read More »

Q: Is it normal to be depressed after abortion?

A:Oh for Pete's sake. This girl is not asking your opinions of abortion or if you are pro choice or pro life. She is asking about depression and coping after an a...Read More »

Q: How to deal with depression after a abortion?

A:What they all said before me! Don't come looking for sympathy on the Pregnancy/Parenting section.We're too busy helping people deal with the children they gave ...Read More »

Q: How to deal with depression after a abortion?

A:I can't believe how cruel all these self-righteous people have been to you. The fact that they don't know squat about 'when life begins' is only superceded by t...Read More »

Q: Is it normal to feel depressed after an abortion?

A:Approximately 5% to 30% of women report feelings of regret, anxiety , guilt, mild depression and other negative emotions. If your feelings are overwhelming or p...Read More »

after abortion depression

Both sides of the argument agree that grief after abortion is real and women must .A common effect of disenfranchised grief is depression, manifesting itself in .
"PASS" is different from normal feelings of loss and depression immediately. So having a severe reaction immediately after an abortion can be classified as .
In rare cases, women may become clinically depressed after having an abortion. If your feelings are overwhelming and do not seem to be resolving or you are .
This occurs when the woman becomes pregnant soon after her abortion to make .This is due to the guilt and depression hindering the mother s ability to bond .
What s wrong with her that she feels so depressed about it?.And so it is not surprising that after the abortion, a pain begins to emerge from the depths of her .
Dealing with uncomfortable feelings after an abortion can be very difficult, since .Buried grief may result in depression, anxiety, and re-experiencing the trauma.
Although my husband and I split up shortly after, it was the abortion that sank me into a depression. I could cope with my marriage break-up, .
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man, we are so lucky just to get born without genetic anomolies that screw up our lives. all kinds of stuff can happen. why do you think there are so many spontaneous abortions???

Abortion laws are governed by the states. It is pointless to argue them as a nation Write your state congress. I think Abortion should be safe and legal for those who believe in it.

Struggling to cope with guilt over abortion?
I had a friend who committed suicide because she couldn't deal with the guilt of having an abortion...Please talk to someone before this becomes you! You may never get over the guilt. You can never undo the things you have done, but you can try to move on. I don't think you'll be able to feel...

Does being extremely thin make abortion risky?
I too had that with both my pregnancies and fought through it and went onto have 2 healthy babies! If you really feel abortion is the only way, no she wont lose more weight the sickness will disappear with in a couple of days when her body stops producing the pregnancy hormones and as soon...

Abortion - I am Roman Catholic - answers from not just RC's please..?
Abortion is pre meditated murder from a moral religious point of view. Abortion to anti Christians is a legal right---but those same type of judges said slavery was legal. Biblically babies are a blessing, so when you rip a fetus from a mother they are killing their blessing. Biblically the...