Q: Why is abortion promoted on Wiki answers while people with pro-li...

A:Though it may be true that some individuals vilify pro-lifers the opposite is also true. Neither stance is WikiAnswers policy.Read More »

Q: Why is Internet Explorer aborting today when you try to pull up a...

A:This is a known issue that I.E. crashes when a question from WikiAnswers is pulled up. A fix is being worked on and in the meantime use a different browser like...Read More »

Q:…. do most people understand that t...

A:Facts never interfere with ideology. What is important to anti-choicers is that the only legal allowed choice is the one they would make. Data can be created ad...Read More »

Q: is the real reason you get involve...

A:Unfortunately, the espousal of moral relativism has made it difficult for many people in our culture to distinguish between preference claims and moral claims. ...Read More »

Q: Has WikiAnswers ever had an abortion?

A:do you mean the website? or do you mean individual members that answer questions? about 1 out of 4 American women have had an abortion by the time they die.Read More »

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Abortion is the ending of pregnancy by the removal or forcing out from the womb of a fetus or embryo before it is able to survive on its own. An abortion can occur .
In mammals, an abortion is when a pregnancy ends early without the birth of babies. Abortions can occur naturally, usually because something went wrong with .
What is AbortionWiki? AbortionWiki aims to be the reference of choice for all information relating to abortion. The act of abortion has killed more individual .
Abortion, in a technical sense, is any expulsion of the embryo or fetus from the womb before it is able to survive independently. In most .
English[edit]. Wikipedia has an article on: Abortion. Etymology[edit]. From Latin aborti (“miscarriage, abortion”), from aborior (“miscarry”). See abort for more.
AbortionWiki. 907 likes · 3 talking about this. is the go-to site for all information relating to abortion that YOU can edit!
Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus- quotes are alphabetized by .
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Legal age for abortion in Il.?
No, it is not. Forced abortions are illegal in the United States, regardless of the mother's age. If someone you know is being pressured to abort, they should go to a crisis pregnancy center right away for help. You can find one in your area by calling 1-800-395-HELP or visiting http://www...

How do Thomson and English relate, and what does it add to the abortion debate?
that’s a tuff question... i wish i could help. I know a website that is very useful that might be able to help you answer that question. i found out about this website through some of my friends its real cool cuz its like a place for students to do hw and stuff. im a...

Which country has no abortion? Even nun monasteries have abortions as evidence of buried unborns were revealed when certain old monasteries were demolished. Have you heard of Saudi Arabia? They have abortions! How about Iran? They have abortions!...

Can a woman's body change if she has a miscarraige or abortion?
Hormones can have some effect on weight, and pregnancy and abortion both affect hormones, but not 35 pounds of weight gain. Abortion or miscarriage themselves will not cause changes to the body. Pregnancy will change a body physically, obviously, but she only carried to 4 months so would not...

How did abortion influence history?
In the ancient world it wasn't an issue. Christianity forbade the exposure of infants or abortion, the result being very large desperately poor families. It began to be a big issue with the foundation of the Woman's Liberation Movement. After WWII the Catholic Church became much weaker and...