Q: What is post-abortion?

A:Post. means. after. so it means. after abortion.Read More »

Q: What are the laws on abortion in Washington state?

A:From Statutory Definition of Illegal Abortion: Any medical treatment intended to induce the termination of a pregnancy except for the purpose of pr...Read More »

Q: How to Find Healing for Post Abortion Depression

A:Ask God's forgiveness: The most important steps healing post abortion depression, is to ask God's forgiveness. God is so merciful that he will forgive your for ...Read More »

Q: What is it like to work at The Washington Post?

A:Working at The Washington Post can be fun and extremely rewarding,career wise.It really depends what you are looking for and what is your specialization.Are you...Read More »

Q: How to Submit an Op-Ed to "The Washington Post"

A:1. Visit "The Washington Post" website ( Locate the "Opinions" box at the top of the page and click on it. 2. Locate the "Voice Your Opinions...Read More »

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Planned Parenthood calls abortion “a difficult decision” in many of its consent forms and fact sheets. When NARAL launched a film on the 40th .
A Maryland facility offering the abortion pill is part of a push among advocates to be unapologetic.
21 hours ago . Conservative scholars are arguing homosexual unions will cause 900000 abortions.
This item has been updated. House Republican leaders abruptly dropped plans late Wednesday to vote on an anti-abortion bill amid a revolt .
Arkansas and Arizona just enacted laws that require physicians to tell women who are getting a drug-induced abortion that the process may be .
A controversial Arizona law requires doctors to tell women that abortion pills "may be reversed." Is that really the case?
Janet Harris says that it s time to stop calling abortion a “difficult decision” and that people who support abortion rights need new language for .
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How to fake an abortion for a miscarriage?
Simply tell people that you "lost the baby". They do not need to know that you chose to terminate the pregnancy if you are not comfortable sharing that info. If you simply say, "I'm just calling/writing to let you know that I lost the baby", no one - and I mean NO ONE - will say, "Gee, did...

Why is abortion important to you?
I am almost 50, so abortion means nothing to me. HOWEVER...having someone else make rules for my body, or any other female's body is what the Roe v Wade is mostly about. If the government can tell my daughter what she can do with her body, what is to stop them from gong that next step?? Old...

Herbal miscarriage success?
First of all don't try to attempt a home abortion and the sugar-coat it by calling it a miscarriage. a miscarriage is an INVOLUNTARY termination. something that cannot be controlled. Anyway, call me narrow minded all you wish but attempting to have a home abortion is pretty irresponsible, not...

What is the democratic and republican party platform?
Be careful, guns, gays, and abortions are what they call wedge issues. I love guns and hate abortions but I don`t vote Republican. Democratic= We are all in this together. Republican= Every man for themselves.

Why is abortion so evil?
Yes. I have no idea how liberals support her, Planned Parenthood and other pro abortion clinics. Then call conservatives racist. Abortion is evil because you're killing an innocent child that they CHOSE to make, because they are to lazy, selfish and irresponsible to care for. Choice comes before...