Q: Wade, any law that prohibits abortions before viability is uncons...

A:8 True. 9 True. 10 True.Read More »

Q: Abortions and the viability clause?

A:The last I heard was 24 weeks and 500 grams, something like thatRead More »

Q: When Viability Starts Earlier, When Does The Right To Abortion En...

A:The BBC says a Swedish study of premature infants finds 70 percent of infants born between 22 and 26 weeks (the latter part of the second trimester) survive pas...Read More »

Q: Isn't the age of viability (the ability for the baby to live outs...

A:According to the courts, viability is a consideration, but in actual practice it doesn't really seem to matter. There have been many babies prematurely born as ...Read More »

Q: As fetal viability increases, will the justification for abortion...

A:By gestational age, 5% of preterm births occur at less than 28 weeks (extreme prematurity), 15% at 28-31 weeks (severe prematurity), 20% at 32-33 weeks (moderat...Read More »

abortion viability

"Viability" has become the focus of the abortion debate. Last week, the Senate rejected Majority Leader Tom Daschle s bill banning the abortion .
Forty-one states now have laws restricting post-viability abortions. Some allow doctors to decide for themselves if the fetus is viable. Some require doctors to . Definitions - Scientific thresholds - Limit of viability - Factors that influence the.
The point at which an abortion becomes late-term is often related to the "viability" (ability to survive outside the uterus) of the fetus. Sometimes late-term abortions .
an abortion is not absolute and that states may restrict or ban abortions after fetal viability, provided that their policies meet certain requirements .
The Supreme Court departed from reality to embrace legal fiction, denying that human life begins at the moment of conception.
In the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in the United States, the Roe v. Wade decision determined “viability” as a critical marker for finding a .
This article covers a central point in the abortion debate, which is: when does. the foetus has a right to life), and the dates chosen are usually based on viability.
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Abortion or Adoption? Pros & Cons?
Calling abortion "murder" is propaganda. I would make my decision depending on the circumstances. Sometimes it isn't right to force a woman to go through with a 9 month pregnancy and then loose the child. I think that is a hell of a lot more painful than NOT carrying it for 9 months. Plus...

How much are abortion pills?
If you are trying to receive a Medical Abortion (aka the Abortion Pill) from a Planned Parenthood then you are just paying for the actual pills. You have to pay for the whole process and cannot skip out on details to save money like just buying the pills separately. The whole process for a...

What is the recovery time of an abortion?
The recovery time for an abortion is about two to three weeks. I had a medication abortion (abortion by pill) about two years ago, and I was advised not to have sex at all for at least two weeks after the abortion. It's extremely important not to have sex (or insert anything into your vagina)...

Isn't it ironic that in this anti-abortion "music video" there is a homeless man singing?
ok very boring video you just made me watch! lol but lets leave the abortion subject alone, you dont want to hear the cons fuss and complain!

When you have a abortion/termination, you do bleed for up too 3 weeks, a lady i was looking after bled for 6 weeks on and off. what you are describing is perfectly normal, as the blood loss can slow down or even completly stop, the a day or so later re-appear. as long as there is not pain,...