Q: What is the duration of trauma to abortion?

A:It is normal for a woman to experience a range of emotions after an abortion, such as relief, sadness, happiness and feelings of loss. Each woman is unique. Man...Read More »

Q: Why do "family planning centers" not tell woman about fetal pain ...

A:have you actually ever been in that situation or are you just assuming because they do abortions that they never tell women about negative consequences? i'm gue...Read More »

Q: Pro-choicers, what is your view/opinion about the post-abortion t...

A:I think it is sad that the woman was put in a position that she felt that abortion was the only choice for her, but taking away a right doesn't solve that probl...Read More »

Q: What is post abortion trauma?

A:A woman faced with a crisis pregnancy, experiences tremendous amounts of fear and anxiety related to her situation. Often she will seek the fastest and legally ...Read More »

Q: What is Post Abortion Trauma?

A:Women experience strong negative emotions after abortion. Sometimes this occurs within days and sometimes it happens after many years. This psychological respon...Read More »

abortion trauma

So, what is after-abortion trauma? It s the emotional impact that is sometimes experienced by both men and women after the abortion experience, due to .
Abortion trauma/grief, frequently destroys relationships and shatters families both present and future. Untreated it has a tendency to be trans-generational.
91% Suffer from Post-abortion Trauma, Studies Show.As many as 91% of all abortions cause severe psychological problems, both immediate and long-term, .
Abortion and Post Traumatic Stress. Disorder: The Evidence Keeps Piling Up. By: Theresa Karminski Burke. Joan can t bring herself to vacuum the rugs in her .
Abortion trauma syndrome is a fabricated mental disorder conceived by anti- abortion activists to advance their cause and is not a scientifically .
Looking for help after an abortion or termination or pregnancy loss?.Often grief may be suppressed and the trauma may sink into the unconscious and not .
Women who have an abortion can suffer mental distress, anxiety, guilt and shame for five years afterwards and sometimes even longer .
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Am I missing any other ideas to fight an all-out war against abortion?
I think you made a very well though out plan and i'm impressed because the majority of times people that are prolifers give people no solutions.They just straight out say abortion should be illegal but its not our problem how the child is going to be raised,or that the mother has no money,or...

I saw Juno with my 14 year old daughter and I feel that 10 years old is a little young for the major themes (teen pregnancy, abortion, etc.) and language in the film. I would only take a child that young if you are willing to discuss with her afterwards (I did this with my daughter). Ellen...

What are the physical side effect of abortion?
If done correctly, there should be no physical side effects. It's going to probably take you a couple days to recover from the procedure, but there shouldn't be any physical damage/risks to your body after wards. Good Luck.

Is the USA becoming more anti abortion?
I honestly don't know, I think there has always been people that have had views on both sides of the fence. I personally think it's very wrong, but I'm not going to force my views on somebody else. I don't think whether on not the person being raped, victim of incest, whatever really matter...

Why is the abortion time limit here in the UK so high (23 weeks and 5 days)?
Here in America there is no limit, a woman can get an abortion till the time of birth. Why? Because lots of politicians are Pro-Choice, therefore not listening to Pro-Life pleas. I don't know much about UK politics but even if you have technology to keep a 7 week fetus alive you'll still hear...