Q: What is the significance in studying abortion?

A:To find out how to prevent it. To find out how women feel and react to it so one can put in the best care. To know when a fetus is viable and how they react to ...Read More »

Q: Why do nursing's study about abortion?

A:Because the study of nursing is based on science, not politics or religion. Abortion is a medical procedure, therefore a nurse will have to be knowledgeable in ...Read More »

Q: Who would be a good case study for abortion?

A:I don't have a case study for my investigation on abortion, but ive heard of 'The Bourne Case 1938' but i want something more unheard of, or something ... famou...Read More »

Q: Gender studies:Why is abortion wrong?

A:It's not wrong. A zygote and an embryo are not sentient beings. However, I do question your assertion that fetuses don't feel pain before the third trimester. I...Read More »

Q: Is abortion Ok? case study 1 Sinita.?

A:Case study1: Sinita is a young women of 17, unfortunatly she got pregant by accident - at a student night out got very drunk and lost had sex with the wrong guy...Read More »

abortion studies

Washington, DC (LiveActionNews) — One of the main arguments given for legalizing abortion in Ireland is that troubled women would become .
By Priscilla Coleman, Ph.D. On November 7th, the Washington Post published an opinion by Dr. Brenda Major titled “The Big Lie about Abortion an.
Scientific research serves as the basis for evidence-based abortion care.Some of the Guttmacher Institute s most recent studies on abortion .
Research studies indicate that emotional responses to legally induced abortion are largely positive. They also indicate that emotional problems .
Studies have either failed to establish a causal relationship between abortion and negative psychological symptoms experienced by women, or been .
Anti-choice people are using findings from a new study out of China to jump to the unwarranted conclusion that abortion causes an increased .
Abortion and breast cancer are both topics that can bring out strong feelings. But scientific research studies have not found a cause-and-effect .
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Am I pregnant?! HELP?
if you are pregnant, dont kill your baby please. once your baby is born your going to love him or her. read this pamphlet im going to attach before making your decision. please please just read it. your parents are going to be disappointed at first but show them the pamphlet and show them why...

Drinking tea for abortion?
There are several herbs that could used a tea cause an abortion/miscarriage. Preventing and Ending Pregnancy Herbally *Any herbs she wants to use she should look up here, this will give her the correct doses to use and warning signs of toxicity. Natural Liberty:...

Nj abortion clinics......?
are you looking for a way for free? Planned Parenthood is the only option, maybe the health dept but they ask for a ton of info. You can't just walk into an office and expect free medical services.

University of Colorado Denver?
University of Colorado in Denver is a great school. In an amazing location and plus the Auraria campus where that school is, also has two other schools on it. Its a very diverse campus and if UCD doesn't offer a class you want you can always take it from one of the other schools on that campus...

Different 'Ways' Of Abortion.?
Medical Abortion: "Medical abortions" are non-surgical abortions that use pharmaceutical drugs, and are only effective in the first trimester of pregnancy. Combined regimens include methotrexate or mifepristone, followed by a prostaglandin (either misoprostol or gemeprost: misoprostol is used...