Q: How many women have died from abortions?

A:From illegal abortions many have died. From legal ones performed in hospitals or clinics not many. If you get an early abortion it's safer then childbirth. Wome...Read More »

Q: How much women die from illegal abortions?

A:We don't know that. They usually come to the ER when the infection has gone too far etc and there is no sign of abortion. Legally only 1-2 a year die due to com...Read More »

Q: Who are the actors of Abortion: Stories from North and South ?

A:Dixie Seatle ... Narrator (voice)Read More »

Q: How many women have died from having abortions since 1974?

A:Fewer than 20 women per year have died during or after lega...Read More »

abortion stories from women

Personal testimonies from women (and men) who have gone through an abortion .The unsolicited abortion stories on these pages have come to Abort73 .
Out of Silence: Abortion Stories from the 1 in 3 Campaign Adele Hampton for the 1 in 3.It made me realize that every situation is different, and women have the .
One in three women has an abortion by the age of 45. How many ever talk about it? New laws, old stigmas. 26 stories. New York Magazine - That doctor gave me my family. - 11 - 12
Hearing women s stories of having an abortion can help us know what to expect and reassure us that our experiences are not unique. No One Asked Me What I. - My Late-term Abortion - If I Had Listened to Abortion.
For all the politics surrounding abortion rights, we too rarely hear from the millions of women who have made the decision to end their .
Click on the blue text below to read story. To watch.Stories of Pro-Life Commitment.Testimony Types - Teen Abortion - Women Who Regret Their Abortions .
In Arizona and Arkansas, doctors are now required to tell women that drug- induced abortions can be "reversed" mid-procedure, even though .
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According to the Washington Post, all of the 2012 Republican Candidates are flawed?
The Washington Post would declare ANYONE flawed as a candidate if they have an R after their name. The republicans have a LOT of candidates, and considering where Obama is taking this country we could run ANY candidate against him and win. Heartadd...That is funny, do not know what the other...

Does anyone know any PUBLIC schools that have a pro-life (anit-abortion) club?
There is one at my daughter's Catholic school. I would encourage any teenager who wants to start one at a public school. It is definitely needed there. It's funny that someone said they are too young to be involved in such a thing!!! Do they not realize that a majority of high school students...

Under 18 free abortion--California?
I'm not sure if Planned Parenthood actually gives abortions, but they will give you completely free consultation and will be able to help weigh your options. Although you really should tell your parents. They have a right to know what their daughter is doing in her spare time (i.e. having unsafe...

Is abortion legal in Maryland?
It is legal in all states. Republican states just make it as difficult and restrictive as they possibly can, without actually making it illegal. If you want to know the specific law in Maryland, google _abortion in Maryland_ I am sure you will find all you need to know.

Why are abortion clinics closing down so much lately?
Some states have passed laws requiring clinics that perform abortions to meet the same standards of an emergency room at a hospital, or requiring they have a local hospital doctor with admitting privileges on staff at all times. This is a different standard then is required of any other out...