Q: What is the current state of abortion rights?

A:There is no correlation between Jews and abortion. Abortion doctors come from all walks of life. Partial birth abortions are illegal, but all the other forms ar...Read More »

Q: Why isn't abortion a states rights issue?

A:The constitution was written on the tenant of federalism which is the idea that states will have certain powers and the national government will have certain po...Read More »

Q: Is it good to include Abortion Rights for Women in the State cons...

A:Though I may not agree with abortion on a personal level I would rather see it stay legal then become like it was 40 or so years ago. At least if it is legal we...Read More »

Q: What states allow abortion?

A:Abortion is legal in every state in the U.S.Read More »

Q: What states allow abortions?

A:Abortion is legal in all states in the first trimester since 1973. After that it's up to the states but they have to say yes to health reasons.Read More »

abortion rights by state

However, individual states can regulate/limit the use of abortion or create "trigger laws", which would make abortion illegal within the first and second trimesters if . NARAL Pro-Choice America - Abortion statistics in the United
circumstances a woman may obtain an abortion. The following table highlights the major provisions of these state laws. More detailed information can be found .
According to the analysis, the overall number of states hostile to abortion rights has grown since 2000, while the number of supportive and middle-ground states .
Roe v. Wade guaranteed a woman s right to abortion in 1973, but abortion rights have been a tricky issue ever since. Recently, states seem to be putting up .
State abortion laws define the methods and circumstances under which a pregnancy may be terminated. Click on a state on the map below or select from the.
The Supreme Court s decision in the 1972 case of Roe v. Wade was -- and is still -- the most important decision affecting abortion in the United States. Roe made .
This legislative session, two states passed laws requiring doctors to tell women that a medication abortion can be reversed if they change their .
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Abortion at 9 weeks pregnant...?
the most common method is surgical abortion. first, they will do an ultrasound for u. then, they will insert a pill into your vagina and u'll have to wait for a few hours. after waiting, they will bring u to the operation room, give u anestatic (if u request for 1), and start the procedure...

Abortion story ideas?
I remember a book I had to read in school (priv. christian) called Tilly. It was about a nurse working at a clinic and a baby that survived the abortion. She ended up running off with the baby and trying to care for it until she died. There was a lot more it it than that but that was the...

Teen pragnancy statistics?
Nobody can know what will happen this year. Given that it takes some time to compile statistics, there isn't even any data available yet for 2011 ... or 2010. And what exactly are you asking? Worldwide? In the U.S? The U.K? Some other country? In recent years there have been about 750,000 pregnancies...

Anyone eles hear that Body Shop supports abortion?? i'm really against it, but i LOVE body shop, so i cant....
Well, in 2000 the Body Shop in Canada honored Elizabeth Bagshaw, who ran an illegal abortion clinic in Canada. The Body Shop founder Anita Roddick said in a January 2004 interview: "For example, the great Catholic activist Dan Berrigan has been an outspoken opponent of abortion. I myself...

How do you know when an abortion went wrong?
Ok - too all the people that are complaining that this person posted here...back off. Women who want a child and are miscarrying sometimes end of having to have an abortion, it's call a D & C! Doctors just call it something different when women want to have the baby. Granted this is not the...