Q: What is the common abortion procedure?

A:There is two, medical and surgical. Common abortion procedures are a medical abortion where a miscarriage is induced by medication (up to week 9) and a surgical...Read More »

Q: Who does the abortion procedure?

A:From our video partners Pregnancy Taking care of yourself with baby on the way. Your ob-gyn.Read More »

Q: How Badly do Babies Suffer when they are Aborted? Should Moms be ...

A:YES they should be shown. Woman want to "choose"..... let them fully understand what they are choosing. If a woman can still kill her baby after watching a real...Read More »

Q: How to Understand the Dilation and Curettage Abortion Procedure.

A:1. Understand that the dilation and curettage procedure is a medical procedure that is used not only to terminate pregnancies but to diagnose or treat other med...Read More »

Q: What is the procedure for aborting a baby

A:The dilation and curettage procedure is called a D&C. The D stands ... ...MORE...Read More »

abortion procedures videos

This video shows an abortion and the bodies of aborted babies. It is extremely graphic and disturbing. There are millions of abortions done .
An abortion is an expulsion of a fetus or embryo from uterus. This is a demonstration of a surgical abortion this video 273772 views | 2m .
Live Action s "What is Human?" video details late-term abortion procedures, and is changing minds about abortion.
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There should be national abortion day, for women to celebrate their freedom. agree?
I disagree. Perhaps a "Personal Freedom Day" to be recognized by anyone that wants to celebrate religous freedoms, sexual freedoms, or even the freedom to wear white after Labor Day if I wanna. But not specific to abortion, it's a bit narrow-minded so would definitely not add to my days off...

How can women think of having an abortion when there are so many of us trying SO HARD to conceive?
I disagree with women using abortion as a method of birth control. They exploit the hard working men and women who have tried so hard to keep legal abortions legal, and are a disgrace to the pro-choice side. I agree with you wholeheartedly here. But. I *do not* think it is fair that people...

Rallies at Abortion clinics?
When I went to college in Lynchburg VA (home of Liberty University) there were many religious people harassing women who went into a birth control Planned Parenthood clinic that did not even perform abortions. They took video cameras and reported any female students from Liberty who went there...

Does anyone know how to decrease abortion price?
Go to then click on your state the a clinic. Ask them. If she is 16 then most states besides florida that i have seen online have to have a parent's signature. I have seen where people can get funding for it through the abortion clinics. Go to that site though cause...

Abortion scarring how do they know?
You won't have scarring after an abortion unless there was a medical error such as the doctor punctures your uterus with an instrument, which you would definitely know of. A doctor won't be able to tell you have had an abortion from a physical exam. If the cervix was dilated for the abortion...