Q: What are the side effects of doing abortion by taking pills?

A:First, want to make sure you are not confusing "emergency contraception" or the "morning after pill" or "Plan B" with RU486, the abortion pill. "emergency contr...Read More »

Q: What are the side effects of doing abortion by taking pills?

A:Answer First, want to make sure you are not confusing "emergency contraception" or the "morning after pill" or "Plan B" with RU486, the abortion pill. "emergenc...Read More »

Q: What are the side effects of the abortion pill?

A:You two are stone cold mother f'ers.Read More »

Q: What are the side effects of taking an abortion pill?

A:Not medical advice: cramping, bleeding, and clotting may begin as soon as 20 minutes. Within the next 6 to 8 hours, most women will miscarry.Read More »

Q: What are the side effects to plan b and the abortion pill?

A:Plan B can cause nausea and mild dizziness and a general yucky feeling. Tha other pill you speak of causes major cramping, bleeding for over a week and, most ob...Read More »

abortion pill facts and side effects

Side Effects. Cramping and bleeding are an expected part of ending a pregnancy .Usually, these symptoms mean that the treatment is working. But sometimes .
The abortion pill is followed by another medicine called misoprostol which makes the.Side effects of drugs such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, headache, .
First, your doctor gives you a dose of mifepristone tablets by mouth.Side effects may increase as the length of pregnancy increases and in women having their .
A medical abortion is a combination of two medications: The pill.and other side effects that can be more difficult than a surgical procedure.
If you live in a country where there is no access to safe abortion services and you would like.The most common side effects are nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
I have created a website on abortion pill risks that details the facts about the. Diarrohea is a side effect which is horrible coupled with cramps.
Information for patients about what to expect if you choose the abortion pill, how it works, side effects, and risks. From the Feminist Women.
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Is abortion really killing a baby?
Abortion is the killing of an embryo or fetus, yes. EDIT: @ilovegreg7119: "I believe that EVERY woman who goes to get an abortion should be required to see an ultrasound of the child before making the decision to Murder the beautiful life inside of them." To what purpose? From The New York...

What are the dangers of abortion?
The risks, as some women have said here, can be infection, hemorrhaging, etc. And some women do regret their decision. But these things happen VERY RARELY. If you choose a surgical abortion, you should be just fine, as long as you're getting it done by a professional, and you take the antibiotics...

Are there ways of stopping a pregnancy without having an abortion?
Abortion by definition is the loss of a pregnancy. Miscarriage is 'spontaneous abortion', as opposed to medical abortion. If you are asking how to end a pregnancy without paying $400 and going to a doctor, there are several ways, but they are all dangerous to the mother and illegal.

Ultrasound question about abortion?
yes you can have an ultrasound.. yes you can keep the picture.. I don't know why you would want a constant reminder of an innocent life you took... but to each his own!

How many women died from coat hanger abortions before Roe V Wade?
Excellent question! That is a classic, pro-abortion straw man argument. It is much like the argument that abortion is necessary because of instances where the doctor has to decide between the life of the mother an the life of the infant. Anyone care to post some statistics in that regard? Or...