Q: I need a fake abortion receipt or paperwork?

A:Wow this one takes the cake, sure send me your email I am all about helping strangers commit fraud. You do know taking someones money because you said you neede...Read More »

Q: What kind of paperwork is there to get an abortion?

A:I really don't think she will be able to act as a consenting guardian. It is definitely worth calling up ahead of time and asking. They will definitely ask her ...Read More »

Q: Can you take the abortion pill and then fake a miscarriage?

A:The doctor will not give you the medication unless you are pregnant. You can not buy it at the pharmacy, only get it directly from the doctor. The first medicin...Read More »

Q: Faking an abortion?

A:Tell her this: If he thinks its true, he will never forgive her for doing that without his consent; a man will never forgive a woman for that. If he thinks (kno...Read More »

Q: Can I go to jail for a fake abortion

A:I'm trying to understand your question. How do you fake an abortion for four months; what did you do?Read More »

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Affiliated Medical Services Abortion Clinic Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Private and confidential abortion clinic patient forms.
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Abortion forms at Gynemed Surgical Center.1st Trimester Abortion Forms adobe icon- • 2nd Trimester Abortion Forms adobe icon- • Medical Abortion Forms .
Fake Abortion Papers - Where to Get Them | Free Info on Fake. Free Info on Fake Abortion Documents and Pregnancy .
Fake Abortion Papers - Where to Get Them | Free Info on Fake. May 17, 2012.Free Info on Fake Abortion Documents .
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Calling abortion "murder" is propaganda. I would make my decision depending on the circumstances. Sometimes it isn't right to force a woman to go through with a 9 month pregnancy and then loose the child. I think that is a hell of a lot more painful than NOT carrying it for 9 months. Plus...

6 weeks pregnant. Abortion?
It's normal to be upset and feel like it's going to turn your world upside down if you have a baby. I'd urge you to try to take some time to really think it over before you consider abortion. To answer your question and give you a couple points I think may be helpful: 1. Maybe. I personally...

What types of abortion are there, and how is it harmful to a mother?
Types of abortion: 1. Chemical abortion: RU486 - basically a combination of medications are given to the woman and she delivers within 3 days. Possible complications: about 25 percent of these, require additional surgery to remove remnants of the contents of the womb. This type of abortion...

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The moral of the story,is - Don't mess with Nature.

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That is horrible, how could anyone be so sick in their head that they could even view those sort of images as a joke. I have seen 2girls1cup and that is nothing compared to abortion!