Q: I need a fake abortion receipt or paperwork?

A:Wow this one takes the cake, sure send me your email I am all about helping strangers commit fraud. You do know taking someones money because you said you neede...Read More »

Q: What kind of paperwork is there to get an abortion?

A:I really don't think she will be able to act as a consenting guardian. It is definitely worth calling up ahead of time and asking. They will definitely ask her ...Read More »

Q: Can you take the abortion pill and then fake a miscarriage?

A:The doctor will not give you the medication unless you are pregnant. You can not buy it at the pharmacy, only get it directly from the doctor. The first medicin...Read More »

Q: Faking an abortion?

A:Tell her this: If he thinks its true, he will never forgive her for doing that without his consent; a man will never forgive a woman for that. If he thinks (kno...Read More »

Q: Can I go to jail for a fake abortion

A:I'm trying to understand your question. How do you fake an abortion for four months; what did you do?Read More »

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Free Info on Fake Abortion Documents and Pregnancy Papers.
Affiliated Medical Services Abortion Clinic Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Private and confidential abortion clinic patient forms.
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Abortion forms at Gynemed Surgical Center.1st Trimester Abortion Forms adobe icon- • 2nd Trimester Abortion Forms adobe icon- • Medical Abortion Forms .
Fake Abortion Papers - Where to Get Them | Free Info on Fake. Free Info on Fake Abortion Documents and Pregnancy .
Fake Abortion Papers - Where to Get Them | Free Info on Fake. May 17, 2012.Free Info on Fake Abortion Documents .
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Anyone know where Abortion Clinic are near Grayslake IL?
Near North Center, 1200 LaSalle St, Chicago, IL 60610. Their ph# is 312-266-1033. It is about 35 miles from Grayslake.

How early can you get a surgical abortion?
Forget them other people..but um i think you you can get it as early as you want but if your really late its gonna cost more

Guys, ever still feel guilty about an abortion years later?
Well, I had a guy push me into an abortion when I was 17. Don't worry, it wasn't you. I regretted it so badly and had guilt. depression and anxiety. What I found out was, post abortion stress is a real thing, and both men and women can get it. Part of the healing process is forgiving the...

Abortion question? no debate just facts please
Abortion is readily available to any one on the nhs. You need to see a doctor who will will refer you to a hospital or clinic. You are given a scan counseling and a date for the procedure. The form for abortion has to be signed by two doctors, In veer rare circumstances an abortion can be rejected...