Q: Are abortions painful?

A:Cramping the week after is common but there are pills for that just like when you have your period. A medical abortion means you have cramps while the procedure...Read More »

Q: Are abortions painful?

A:Physically not bad, but I did suffer mentally and emotionally afterwards. 15 years later and I still question if I did the right thing.Read More »

Q: Is an Abortion Painful?

A:You'll be distinctly uncomfortable after a surgical abortion and may experience some cramping but it should not be very painful. A half an hour's rest in the re...Read More »

Q: Is an abortion painful?

A:Not Medical Advice: Despite the use of local anesthesia, 97% of women reported experiencing pain during the procedure.Read More »

Q: Are abortions painful?

A:Despite the use of local anesthesia, 97% of women reported experiencing pain during the procedure.Read More »

abortion pain

You ll have some period-type pain or discomfort. The later the abortion, the more painful it may be. You ll be advised about taking appropriate painkillers.
Feeling some discomfort is normal after having a medical abortion (or abortion pill). You ll have contraction type pain and cramping while you re passing the .
At some time in the first ten days after your treatment, you may experience crampy type pain in your abdomen as the uterus contracts and returns to its normal .
If a medical abortion is not successful, a surgical abortion must be done as.The following health professionals can perform abortions:.Painful Periods?
Abortion-related complications are rare in the United States, but they do. Contact your provider if intense pain persists after you ve used a .
And do painkillers help the pain (I ve heard they don t) PLEASE needing an abortion after all :-) thank you so much for all your help.
At one point I got quite worried as I hadnt expected the pain and the side. Overall, I would highly recommend having the surgical abortion over .
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There are 3 types of abortions which are vaccum, medicial, and surgical.Abortions are like $300-$800 to get one. you can get charity care at the hospital when you get an abortion which is free for people who can't afford to pay.

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The plan parenthood near my home doesnt offer the abortion pill. in Indiana do health providers do it?
Ft. Wayne - Indiana Women's Center 866-850-8537 Ft. Wayne - Ft. Wayne Women's Health Organization 260-471-5005 / 800-532-5383 Indianapolis - Indianapolis Women's Med Center 317-353-9371 / 800-382-9029 I don't understand why they wouldn't offer the pill...

Is Christian Terrorism responsible for the dramatic decline in abortion centers for women?
I will admit that there has been some terrorism. Eric Rudolph did bomb the Atlanta Olympic park and a string of abortion clinics. Several doctors have been shot and killed by Christian extremists. And there have been innumerable marches, pickets and other encroachments by Christian extremists...

Where can I get a low cost abortion?
Go to Fund Abortion Now ( -- Click on the red Get Help button on the right). They provide financial assistance to women who can't afford abortions. I think you have to pay something, though. Don't order abortion pills over the internet. You are too far along for abortion...