Q: Anti-Abortion Organizations & Charities.

A:The pro-life movement's most publicly visible and controversial sector focuses upon protests and demonstrations at abortion clinics and elsewhere. Like animal-r...Read More »

Q: What do you think of Obama's decision to lift the funding ban for...

A:This is a popular question, and my answer remains the same. Abortion IS still a legal option, and so long as it is a legal option people have the right to be to...Read More »

Q: Why do taxpayers have to support abortion granting organizations?

A:Because abortion is only one part of what those organizations do. They teach people about why and how they get pregnant. They give out birth control, condoms, e...Read More »

Q: What is the organ affected when an incomplete abortion occurs?

A:Uterus. That is where the fetus is and there is where the abortion takes place.Read More »

Q: Do you know of any anti-abortion organizations that are Buddhist?

A:Hi Jim, Thank you for asking me. Buddhist organizations are strictly for the study, practice, and propagation of the teachings of the Buddha. If there are any a...Read More »

abortion organizations

Kansas Becomes First State to Enact Dismemberment Abortion Ban ·- Oklahoma Governor.pinterest ·- RSS. The nation s oldest and largest pro-life organization. Education - Abortion Information - Mission Statement - Get Involved
The National Abortion Federation (NAF) is the professional association of abortion.Clinicians for Choice (CFC) is a membership organization .
Operation Rescue® is one of the leading pro-life Christian activist organizations in the nation and has become the voice of the pro-life activist movement in .
For too long, the abortion discussion has been dominated by angry, nasty protests fueled by individuals and organizations that thrive on sensationalism and .
States have been going crazy trying to restrict abortion in the past 2 weeks. It s been a rough few weeks for reproductive freedom. These incidents are all from .
A directory of organizations across the United States and Canada that are working to end abortion.
The leading polling organizations often refer to Americans views on abortion as “ closely divided” and say this finding has been “stable” for .
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What is an example of a philosophical question relating to personhood and abortion?
The fundamental philosophical question regarding abortion is the moral status of the life of the fetus. The issue is resolved by taking into consideration the various natural laws that define the physical state of the fetus. The fetus is not a "life at conception" according to natural abortion...

What are the laws about abortion in illinois?
Abortion and Birth Control Services, Ltd. Illinois Abortion Clinics offering women services throughout Illinois ... Welcome to Illinois Abortion. We are committed to caring for women in a ... Illinois Abortion near you~

Could i have an abortion without any sedation, only the local anaesthetic?
I had an abortion with medical sedation and one without. I recommend being sedated. Mentally, the non-sedated abortion had a greater affect on my mental state afterwards since I saw the doctor do everything. There is no pain except for the needle in your cervix which is really just a pinch...

gravida 2 para 0-1-0-1 what does this mean?
This is a newer documentation style which tries to add more information. It would be charted as G2P0101, and it means 2 pregnancies, 0 full term, 1 preterm, 0 miscarriages/abortions, and 1 live child. So this woman had a preterm first baby, and is currently pregnant with number two. The older...

Can first time abortion results endometriosis?
No, endometriosis is outside the uterine walls. Endometriosis is way different from female problems, it means the female has over flowed from period out into the body causing clotting attaching onto other parts of your inner organs. As someone misdiagnosed for many years, I never had the...