Q: Do you consider deliberate abortion a murder of a child or your r...

A:For anyone in our day in age to stand by and tell someone what they can and cannot do with their own body is ridiculous. Because the law does not consider the f...Read More »

Q: When the murderer of your child is the one who aborted it after 2...

A:I would leave her, I couldn't get over that She deserves lifelong guilt and tormentRead More »

Q: How to abort your child at home?

A:Home abortions and self-induced miscarriages are illegal and extremely dangerous. NoRead More »

Q: What does it mean if you dream about aborting and eating your chi...

A:This disturbing dream is a metaphor representing something such as an idea or task or project that has been terminated before completion. Different aspects of t...Read More »

Q: How would naming your child after a murderer affect them?


abortion murdering your child

Debate whether or not abortion should be considered or not, I do not understand how you could go through with the act of murdering your child. Replies: Least to Most - Created: Old to New - Likes: Most to Least - Replies
A Physician Tells Why Abortion Is Murder.delivered many babies, though the bulk of my training and practice is in pediatrics - the care of babies and children.
They know that abortion is killing.One word that s always avoided is pro-choice publications is “baby.” “Fetus” or.Select Your Edition: USA
Since the legalization of abortion in 1973, over 56 million unborn children have been.Church teaching on abortion is clear and unequivocal: Abortion is murder .Do you not see the innocent blood of our children that stains your hands and .
Many reject the idea that abortion (killing the fetus in the womb) is the murder of .However, the answer to a few simple questions prove that the unborn child is .
Anti-abortion activists like to call embryos "unborn children", "innocent babies" or "developing human beings". Their obvious aim is to shame people into .
Do anti-abortion activists really think abortion is murder?.liberals accuse conservatives of caring about children “only before they re born.I would advise you to pull up a browser window, and open your favorite news site.
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Since Obama is planning to make all hospitals perform abortions...?
When faced with the decision to perform abortions or not receive medicare and medicaid funds it will force Catholic hospitals and some medical schools to close. It may also cause some, if not all Protestant hospitals and medical schools to close. This will be a national tradgedy. May the Lord...

Does anyone agree with the partial birth abortion that President Obama approves?
** -->> To everyone who said "check your facts-" Check this: (Snopes is deeply-connected with the Obama administration and campaign)

Does ANYONE remember Ceausescu? ?
I agree with you 100% and Romania under Ceausescu is an example I often use myself when debating should abortion be illegal in the US. It is a heated issue on both sides, but people should not forget what happened in Romania & how many suffered.

How Many Weeks Is Too Late For An Abortion In Georgia?
I'm not sure where you are located in Georgia, but the following link contains a list of pregnancy centers in the state. Please take a look and find one near you so that you can talk to someone about your options. Abortion is not good for anyone involved. God bless you. http://www.lifecall...

Why shouldn't abortion be legal...?
Many people (me included) believe it's murder. By aborting you are taking the life of an Innocent young child who hasn't had a chance to live yet. I agree it's not an open or shut case of "murder" or "not murder" I believe abortion should be legal if and only if 1) the birth has a chance of...